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coilover advice

  Clio RS
Hi guys,

I'm new to the club, recently bought a clio 182 and I'd like to put some coilovers on it.

What are you guys running?




ClioSport Club Member
It's all a bit of personal preference between aim, budget and stiffness.

BCs are certainly worth considering with custom spring rates. Bilsteins are good for fast road with the occasional track day.

If it's purely a road car then new cup shocks and lowering springs are a very good option.


ClioSport Club Member
  Citroën DS3
Gaz are good too..!

I can probably put you in touch with someone for a good deal !

Welcome to the club by the way, good to see another girl 😁


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
They work well if you get the right spring rates
We sell a lotof them. We do them with solid camber adjustable top mounts for that price.
If you want help getting the right kit for you - get them from us :D



ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
But for road use Martin is right
Bilstein is probably one of the best on the market.