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Cold Running Problem On My Valver

Whenever I start it up it the morning (or when left to go properly cold) and try to pull off it seems to struggle and then go really slowly (actually like its braking) like its getting starved of fuel. This happens for a couple of minutes, and then it goes, presumably cos its a tiny bit warm.

Its seems to be getting a bit worse though, I have a bridge near my house and was going towards it in 4th a bit below 3000RPM and it just slowed down to about 2500RPM, before suddenly picking up again.

Ive been told its a dirty injector by a mate, anyone know for sure what it is. Its going in for it 48K sevice next week so I want to get it sorted then.

Thanks in advance!;)

Still no answers!!!

Well Ive been putting injector cleaner in as Ive been told this is the only way to fix it. It seems to be a bit better, but still noticeable.

FAO Joe/Captain Slarty

Its just gone in for a sevice and I told him about changing the temperature sensor but hes not sure which one you mean, as he says theres more than one.

Also, how much am I looking at paying for a new sensor.


ul need to change the coolant temp sensor. it fits in the thermostat housing bolted tothe ritre hand side of the head. on my engine its white in colour. unscrew it, fit new one. hopefully it shud work.

u cud first of all tho, unplug the coldstart injector under the inlet man. this is activated by the coolant temp sensor, and if it over fuels, can make the engine run ruff.


Replaced the coolent temp sensor and all is fixed........but all of a sudden my engine is ill again.

When I start the engine from cold, it fine for a couple of seconds, then the revs drop and it tries to stall, but the revs pick up just before dies. This just keeps happening!

Any Ideas???

Ok - New problem (last post) has gone, I think something had just got a bit damp, but after a run it was fine.

But the old problem is still there, thought it had gone, but this morning, it was holding back again, looks like the coolent temp sensor didnt fix it!?

No more suggestions then on how to fix this then!

I dont know what to do then, I cant afford to take it to renault and have them bankrupt me & still not fix the problem

What shall I do next???