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No power in higher speed, burning clutch smell


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172 ph 1
so I decided to ask for help here, because, where else than here, and thanks in advance for reply... I've had my ph1 172 for almost three years now. And for the first time it seems like a serious fault has occurred. I will try to describe the problem as good as I can. It is all happening for a last few days, and slowly it´s getting worse. One day when I was driving at normal speed (50-60km/h), suddenly the sound of the exhaust changed to significantly deeper tone. Not much difference, but when you are sitting in your car for three years, you can tell when suddenly something is different. With the deeper sound comes slight sense of vibrations from the engine, but other than that, throuhg the city the car drives normally. But now when I´m trying to speed up (4th gear), the car goes to 100-110kh/h, then acceleration slows down rapidly. The car can hold the speed, but won´t go faster. And you all know, what these cars should be doing with 4th gear engaged at 100km/h :) Again, in lower speed there is no recognizable problem, it seems the car goes as usual. Iddling quite normally, gear changing no problem, clutch is not slipping, engine doesn´t seem to struggle. No lights on the dashboard, except service and airbag lights due to disconnected airbags. So I was thinking something fuel related, filter or pump, or maybe coil pack. Cables, plugs a magnetti marelli injectors are almost new, both lambdas with sport cat aswell. But today after i drove home from work, only like 6 km trip, there was strong smell of burning clutch, when turn the engine off. So is it just clutch on the way out, or could there be more problems? Dead clutch is not a big deal, but the symptoms are a bit strange to me, I can´t imagine how can dying clutch cause vibrations..


ClioSport Trader
  Clio16v/Zoe Z.E.50
If you’ve got a burning clutch smell, then that 100% is *a* problem... possibly *the* problem. Sadly you need to remove the transmission and inspect the clutch to see if it’s wear/tear/age or if the clutch has failed in some other way.

The engine speed hitting a proverbial wall does indeed sound like the clutch is achieving its max clamping force limit.