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Cold start problem


The only mod i have done so far is to replace the standard panel filter with a piper cross foam one. But just recently when the car is cold as in the morning it is so flat, but when you leave it running for a couple of minutes it then seams ok. Would replacing the foam filter with the original help this or not.



Think there is a thread abput this (got a feeling I started it).

There is a problem where the motor is as flat as a pancake (first bit of throttle travel appears to do nothing) when the coolant temperature is below 20 deg C - in other words, for the first mile or so.

Renault are aware of the problem but havent issued a software fix for it yet. Im waiting for my local friendly & helpful renault mechanic (yes, they do exist) to ring me.

fit a series resistor of the same value as the coolant temp sensor at cold

if this doesnt cure it.. double the value.... n keep doubling until its fine...... and it ill be

measure resistance with a simple multimeter..

cheques in plain brown envelope please lol. !


there are NTC and PTC sensors fitted to reno models.. they can differ from month to month.

NTC are negative coefficient and PTC are positive.
check the resistance at cold, at 20c and at 80c, should give you a sign lol..

move the resistance towards COLDER to give a richer mixture........


he capt...sice were so lazy..can you draw a diag for i canuse it here in HK to fix these damn cars!!!

i mean, they come in almost every week!

well pay you if it works...and we can understand it