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colombo&bariani camshafts

I've finally gotten to the point of ordering them.
Road medium that do'nt need any other engine-mods.

Also i've ordered a 182 exhaust manifold, reworked/matched inlets from across the border (from AWT ) and a Espace v6 airbox , instead of the phase 1 172box i have on now.
My car has been stripped of weight , nothing too serious but backseats- 6,5kg buckets in front, aftermarket steeringwheel.

These cams, Angelworks inletmanifolds and 182 manifold are to be mounted soon, i will trie to get a before+after result. I have asked Henk Fastchip to do the mapping, really looking forward to the results.
to be continued..


Got the metal from Italy, heavy !?
got the v6 box !
182 manifold has arrived , waiting for me at the garage !
Just ordered the thermal gaskets from Chris this week !
Angelworks reworked manifolds should be on my doorstep one of these days !
.. and it's off to get the car on the bridge asap :) can't wait to slap it all on there (having it done actually :eek: ) and let Henk get on with some mapping
Got them from factory , bit of discount 10%
Payed them with IBAN transaction , they let me know almost the next day that payment was in and how we were going to take care of getting them to Holland ! Very quick on email response etc. A friend of mine picked them up on a saturday, they were closed but it was arranged for someone to be there for him so he could come by :approve:

Costs about the same as Schrick ;)

VAT= not on there yet
By the way , anyone know how long BenR takes usually to deliver ?
I have ordered the inlets a month ago ?
  Megane 2 GT 165
Looks so promising Frank!

I need to come over some time again when it's finished. And hope we get away without any fines ;)

Good luck and keep us informed!


ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
..... i just cant get my head round it

Ahhhhh Colombo, not Columbo ;)
nobody cares, but here's un update.;)

BenR has finally send over the manifolds , he was extremely busy lately and i kind of got in between all of business . He has done some extra machining to go with the camjob as good gesture , excellent Angelworks.. Ben have a good vacation !

Gaskets have got lost in the mail and Chris (HillpowerClio) has offered to send new ones this week. Top service.

Car is now collecting dust and spiderwebs, did'nt want to drive it around anymore because of Reno rep. of cambelt-snapping prematurely. Had it in the shed watinting on the goods.

This week i hope to recieve the last bits and in two weeks it should be ready. Jippie ...

Just got the car back, all is installed and she's running fine. New clutch done aswell , car being on 75k+ so thought it would be best while were at it.

The car still has to go in for mapping at Fastchip, Henk will do a session on the rollers :approve:. So now it's just got the old group N map in there..

Anybody got experience with running the car without the map to suit ? The car cuts out at trafficlights, idle tickover is sometimes not enough to keep her going.

Also i really hope the map will do its' magic because the car seems to run as before ? (although before had more torque)

Glad i finally got all of things done ; now saving up for visiting Henk. Anybody comment on how the car is running now, without being mapped ?
  2005 Nissan Navara
Are the cams timed correctly?

Without a remap, there is no point in trying to gauge the performance. Im sure it will be far from ideal...
  Megane 2 GT 165
Hey Frank,

I guess the fuel/air ratio is propperly f00ked better let Henk do his magic before taking it out again. However as you noticed you can drive it around, but I do NOT think it's doing any good for the engine. Bhp/Torque will deffinately come with the map :D
Yes i'm 101 % sure they were setup correctly, These guys here at Veban have a good rep. and the car does have a lot of power.

It's only whenever letting off the throttle when closing in for a juncture or stoplight; it wants to stall , not always but just about... I really have to blip throttle until i feel idle is there and then i can let go + it will keep running.

Yep Felix, i have already put the car back under it's blanket (stalling) , wo'nt drive it anymore.

These driving-experiences above are the ones i've just had driving the car home , about 35-34 kilometers or so..
wow ! the 182 manifold makes quite a noisedifference :cool: :quiet: :dapprove:
Old thread ! :rasp:

Tommorowmorning Henk Fastchip is having a go at my setup, car has been in the shed for 2 months because i was just BROKE , and i still am btw..

Had enough $$ to pay the man so it had to happen someday..

After matched inlets, cams (+ clutch while engine was out) i'm thrilled to see what's going on powerwise !

I have an old Rolling Road-readout of last year , i will post up both. Before and after !
this is last year, with a Group N map by Fastchip, exhaust with orbisoud sportcat and ITG panelfilter. Result around 161 at the wheels which was already quite fast ! In a minute i will have scanned my printout from today...

My girl is hungry.. need to go out for some food or she will slap me silly

I'll be back to share my experience of today :D
How much has that 10bhp cost?

It was actually around 12 hp (wheels) more ;) .. Costs ? Silly money; 182 manifold + cams + inlets + mounting + custom map (Henk thanks a lot !) , the clutch also done :dead:

But i'm very excited, the car really really shifts. Torque has increased , power starts nice and early and the gears just seem longer as it just keeps on coming to way up higher up in the rpm

Henk spend some more time than usual to sort things out, he was also really happy with the outcome. The Colombo & Bariani cams were his idea , Alper from Turkey (EN035) had these on his car and Henk had mapped these with also very good results. Idle is still okay (for pretty wild cams) , torque, topend power, these cams have it all

My expectations are blown away (well was'nt expecting much after hearing/reading around on here), i think it was definately worth it

And when you could see the car limping into Fastchip headquarters and then after a couple of hours how she came out ...:star: Henk you're the man ! Unbelievable what you get for your (little) money from him. Hats off :)

I'm a happy guy:race:
Very nice figures, As I always say "fastchip" rocks :) Enjoy Frank, now it becomes more drivable. You almost get the same config as mine. Colombo & Bariani is not very common in the UK but their cam profile works very well. I have seen applications of Schricks, Kent Cams and Cat Cams in here. I can easily say C&B is by far the best, then Schricks come the second.
A while ago when you said you have been trying different cams to try + get the nicest figures i thought ; "I have to follow this guy "..

turned out you were spot on with your choice of cams :cool:
Even more astonishing, puts out the same power as a stock 197 on that RR.
Torque curve is almost similar as well, with the 172 a bit stronger between 6500-7k and the 197 a little bit above 7k.

Mod list for the 172 > 197 upgrade,
- C&B cams
- Custom remap > VVT disable at 7150 rpm
- 182 Exh. Manifold
- decat/system
- Matched Int. Manifold
- V6 Airbox or modified stock
I have a lot of fun these first weeks of driving around with the new mods ! What Henk says it runs the same power as his 197 only my cup is weighed at 960kgs :evil:

Tried to make a handy-impression , it does'nt really show the GO as i could'nt let go..
(am i making sense ?) Try to make a better one soon..:eek:

Can't wait to get on the 5,5kg wheels, will make another 16kg weight difference :eek:
cool video.

LoL@me 'Is that a 172 Automatic? He's not moving his left hand to change up?? .......ooooohhhh it's LHD!'