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Compaq ML370 and Smartstart - smartshite more like!

  Sold the sport :(
Got an ML370 here i'm trying to get W2k Server instaled but failing miserably - basically in manual mode it tells me the disks aint there even though the compaq diagnostics tell me they are - I guess it's cause I ain't been able to get the controller setup right yet.

Anyways, anyone got a Compaq Server Profile disk that I can get a copy of?



  911 GTS Cab
these are the easiest things in the world to set up.

you tried going into the RBSU at startup or orca?
  Sold the sport :(
Re: Compaq ML370 and Smartstart - smartsh*te more like!

sorted it - was a duff disk in the array: would not let smartstart format the disk