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computer packed in . . . so bought a new one

had my vaio for 5 years, never gone wrong, wiped it a couple of times but nothing other than that.

came home on friday and the thing just wouldnt work. no start up, restarting etc etc. pc world said it just needed wiping but i had been thinking about getting a new one for a while.

cut a long story short, bought the sony vaio vgn fw11m and what a machine!!

core duo, 2.26mhz, 4gb ram etc great thing!!

now just have to get back all the old settings. sure i will find i am missing loads of things over the coming weeks but with inbuilt wireless and bluetooth it really is plug and play!!

just thought i would write how please i am yet again with the build quality of vaios. anyone thinking about buying a laptop, defo thumbs up again for the vaios.

  Fiat Panda 100hp
Very good Vaio, I work for the tech guys (pc world support) and other than mac's, we hardly have any vaios come in compared to the other tripe like advent, e machines etc.
apparently they overheat all the time though, was gonna buy one today but dozens of reviews put me off
  Octy VRS
I've got an SZ5 with XP and it does get hot compared to my Dell cheapo laptop with Vista.
yeah they can get hot, but my one just needed cleaning out every so often, nothing more!

and this one runs as quiet as a mouse, unlike the last 747 effort!!
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Ive got a vaio Z series laptop. Awesome. Alot quieter than older laptops I've had but 2X the power!!
Sony Vaios are generally good machines. The new AW takes my fancy.

I already have an AR31, and a TX for work, and besides coming pre-installed with 800 programs that you'll never need, they've both been superbly reliable :)