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  Octavia VRS

Tried to get some quotes from insurance companies using this website, entered my reg plate and they claim it is a 1.4 16V instead of a 1.4 8V. How are you meant to get an honest quote if they dont even know the right car?!

Just watch this tho because I got a quote from the Admiral site itself and it was around £150 lower than getting a quote from Admiral using

dont use go direct to the company they pick out for you.
my mates honda s2000 came back as honda accord type s on there too !
so make sure (if you do use it) they get the right car.

i use it to get rough quotes and then go to say the top 5 directly.

It does save typing you details in a million times.

Try using the telephone to contact the insurers if the details are incorrect...

Sh*t happens, the DVLA are not the best data providers for a start.

According to my registration is assigned to a Meggy 225!

Im due to renew on the 21st of this month - cheapest Ive found has been Admiral. Can anyone recommend a few more I can try? Ive looked through the list of insurers (somewhere in this forum) but no-ones come close to Admirals quote - which I still think is too expensive :mad:. Ive not got time to try em all...

Bloody speed camera...
  Octavia VRS

Admiral and Elephant have been the cheapest for me - but they are both the same comapny!

Still to try Zurich, Tesco, Asda, AXA

the quotes they usually give me are around 15% higher than the quotes i get off each company individually :confused:
  Clio 182

Id rather phone up individual companies - didnt think much of their website and then you just get random emails too.