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Constant 25mpg - Major service needed?

  '03 MCS, MKV Ed30
Spoke to a few people have Clios and they're saying my MPG is low compared to theirs.

The car is due a service so I was just wondering what else to change to try and improve the figures?

Oil filter
Panel filter
pollen filter
spark plugs?


  Mk1 MX-5 (x3), Westy
It's cos you rag it around everywhere ;) Plugs, oil, oil filter and maybe HT heads could help, but then you would need to check out stuff like lambda sensor I think.
  2002 Clio 172 Cup
As said yesterday James just needs a good old service. If things have not improved then look towards the lambda sensor.
  '03 MCS, MKV Ed30
Yea reset it last £20 I put in Rhys. Got 100.0 miles an 25.8mpg.

Even with using cruise at 70 on motorway it's never rinsen up on a long trip.