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Contact details for Renault specialists

Please add to the list I need to find some more but posting up might help me or other put number down. Complains about companies should be linked please don't turn this into a complains/raves about companies thread.

Dave Appleby (project254 on the forum but doesn't seem to visit much) : 07768 814710 or 01769 540123 (V6 only I think)

Or call Matt (Matt Black on the forum) : 01254 386661. He works for Renault specilast breakers in accrington deals with broken up cars but is able to help with obtaining other parts. Usually has a few brand new crated up Renault engines at huge discount (40 172 ones at last check). The place can also fit and service cars I belive. It is the largest Renault breakers apparently in Northern Europe so you can guess there no short of parts.