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conversion - update

managed to get the willie lump out in 1 day - well chuffed - u lot were right, its actually quite easy. - not alot too it at all.

the p1 was far easier to work on than the p2, seemed things had been moved and erm, strengthened on the p2 lol

only arse of a job was the manifold/downpipe bolts, surprising really as the williams conversion had only recently been done. the nuts were chargrilled and we spent time filling em, contiplated sawin em but managed with the socket.

not much to do now really - swap driveshafts, hubs etc, fit new track rod ends to one car (got a bit carried away with the old hammer) then start the spray job on the manifolds n bits n bobs round the bay. then time to whack it all back in. not looking forward to rewireing part of the loom that we had to cut.

had quite a cool idea with the gash looking plastic sh*te covering the battery and alarm compartments too.

tbh, i pity all u clio 16v and williams owners, i found it very tight attacking certain bolts, so for u lot must be near impossible, small hands with small tools lol

nice for all the earlier advise