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Coolant Leak

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  Clio 182
My 182 has a coolant leak, it has used brand new coolant in 3 weeks, got home today and the bottle is empty and didn't rise when I opened the bottle.
I have realised that it has been going down over the last few months and have kept an eye on things, never any residue on the floor nor any coolant in the oil. The car only smokes when its cold when it hasn't been used overnight. Checked all around the pipes for cracks/leaks and there is nothing. I have tried to check through old posts but there isn't much in the way information as the threads never get updated with a resolution.
I can see from looking at old threads that the thermostat housing may be an issue or the water pump, would these not drip coolant on the floor if failing?
Luckily my car is booked in with REN7OAKS for Friday for new belts and pump so I can get them to look as well.

Any help would be appreciated.


The Crumb Master

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  Whichever has fuel
What do you need help with exactly?

Your car is leaking coolant, none of us have seen your car so can't diagnose it, and it's going to s Renault specialist on Friday for a new water pump where they will renew the fluid and test the system.

Odd post.
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