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Cost of a new gearbox fitted?

  Lionel Richie
std clutch isn't that bad (around £90 from memory)

you on about labour only, or supply of box also??
Gearbox could be ok thinking about it... thinkin its prob clutch mainly... gettin some slipping, she's not crunching gears often, i think im just gettin a lazy shifter.

HOw much for a clutch fitted? mayb time for an uprated number? hmmm
  clio 1.2 16v
for a gearbox brand new from renault is bout £1069 fitted from wat i can remember, but if u look around u can get it cheaper,
Cheers freddo!
nah, just the odd crunch from 1st to 2nd... and always reverse.

right..... new clutch it is... any recomendations? ;)