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Could you recommend me..


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane R26
Looking to service the 172 and wanna do it myself rather then the garage but im stuck on a few things to get oem parts? Or premium parts eg. oil ect. So could you recommend me.

Oil filter
Spark plugs
Air filter ( think im gonna go with pipercross panel filter though)
And anything else id need
Oil - Any decent fully synthetic 5w40 Opie Oils are usually a good one to go with

Oil Filter - Wests Renault, Dealer on here

Spark Plugs - NGK-R PFR6E-10 only use these usually found on ebay etc but again ask Wests Renualt.

Cabin Filter - West Renault can also supply these

Air Filter - Pipercross is a good panel filter entirely upto you as the standard one isnt bad.

All prices from Wests Renault can be found here:-***FREQUENTLY-ASKED-PRICES-UPDATED-FOR-2012

Tbh though with the fixed price servicing its a good idea to take it into account as you keep the stamps in the book going then. Which is always a good selling point.

Dont forget Cambelt is every 5years/72K whichever comes first.

Auxbelt is every 3years/36k i beileve.
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Service book stamps are over-rated I think. I've got a <5 year old 197 and I'm self servicing.

Apart from major stuff like the cambelt, I'll be doing it myself. The amount of money i'll 'lose' when I come to sell it will be far less than the amount i've saved not paying someone else to do soemthing I am more than capable of doing myself.


ClioSport Club Member
  Megane R26
Thanks for that ill get ordering now!

Tbh id rather service myself learn abit more and can buy the best parts and aslong as iv got the receipts and can see its genuine parts being bought dont think stamps matter plus ill ask my pikey mate to do it for me for £20!