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Craigy's 182FF Rebirth.....


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Hi all, I am no stranger here.....

Some may remember my Cat D Clio 172 cup that I didn't hip check and then turned it into a decent set up, quality all the way and having attention to the smaller details. I had a clio200 full spec also, white line bracing, stripped out, akra exhaust, itg intake, matched inlets etc.

My Clio history.



Well this hasn't changed, I have acquired a 55 plate 182 FF 80k has the belts done and fresh refurbed wheels, ktec silenced and ktec intake, apart from that she was in good health or so I think (misfiring).
Purchased this after selling my Mini Cooper S JCW r52 as house deposit funds need to go up.

Here's some pics of the car itself. (Has history)?




First job.
It had oil everywhere, standard leaking rocker cover I thought, so whipped off the inlet and decided to clean the whole bay, really tidy it up.... turns out it was two loose bolts so cleaned them up, lock tight and sealed them in, jobs a gooden. This is where the fun started, it was all put back together, started fine after the intake clean, air filter clean etc. Then it devoloped a lovely missfire, in the end turned out to be my map sensor had failed but along the way I purchased a Bosch lamba, coilpack, and cleaned the lead and wd40 the connections as I thought I had water trapped. It cured the issue with the map but I still think something is up with it, seems to be when pulling away in 1st and slow speeds in 2nd??? It's had plugs, leads and injectors before I purchased it. £2000 I got it for...


Here's some bits I'm fitting Saturday, mainly the usual brake overhaul and oils/filters. All genuine bits/brembo.




Eagle eyed viewers will spot a decat, the way my exhaust is on now beggers belief, standard shoddy rear mounts and no centre mount, cat join is leaking and just nasty/rusty so it's going, I have new rear hangers that I have cut out ready for the power flex upgrade, new cat donut exhaust bolts and centre hanger. My heat shields are basically off so I have new fast nuts going on. Saturday is the rebirth beginning.

I have also added my private plate.
Changed the sidelights
De tango'd the front indicator lights
Polished the headlights/refurb
Jetwashed all the arches proper ready for saturdays detail.
New gear stick insert
New leather gear gaitor/silver stitch
Genuine Renault sport mats
Cleaned the seatblets from brown to silver
Silvertec rear indicator bulbs.
New Bosch wipers
Carbon fibre rear wiper delete plate

So progress is coming along, more to come Saturday.
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ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Your previous cars look lovely. This one looks a good buy for £2k.

Cheers mate, I like to make the best of what I have, I like the details and making it better.

I've had a few nice toys along the way. Will upload some non Clio ones if people want.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Got the bushes pushed in, took way to much rubber out but still in there fine.


Getting all my bits out in tomorrow and now doing new plugs as well. Hopefully cure my fault.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Well yesterday was a good day, got down my mates unit around 3:00 and set to work changing everything I had purchased over a few weeks for the big day.

Front discs and pads-Brembo items.
Rear oem discs and pads.
Rear hangers polybush ones.
Bless brakes through and carry out overhaul on calipers/sliders.
Centre exhaust mount.
Heat shield quick nuts.
De cat pipe.
Lamba sensor spacer.
Oem gearbox oil/tranself.
Gearbox plug and washer.
Engine oil/elf.
Oem oil filter.
Oem spark plugs ngk platinum.
Oem new coilpack.

So finished around 9:00 ish and it's like a new car now. Few pics for your viewing pleasure.

Couldn't believe how bad the brakes were/sliders completely solid.








This has made the car so much better and more presentable now, but it uncovered more items in need of attention as always.

New list is as follows,

Aux belt as it's seen much better days.
Both front liners are shot to pieces.
Front carbon splitter is unrepairable unfortunately so a new item will be had.
Tie rod end ns if fooked.
Most the bushes look to be on there last legs, arb look dead and wishbone, so will buy a whole kit more than likely.
Suspension needs doing so will see how much discount I get st bilstein from work.
Tyres are all different so will need new ones eventually they are legal and have good tread but 4 different tyres is just not the one.

The joys


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Looks a great base for a project this and still a decent looking buy for 2k!

Getting it up to a decent standard for sure :cool:

Cheers mate, she is getting there. Really want to tidy up the underneath but it's a lot of effort and calipers need a lick of paint.

Debating wheels now
Cheers mate, she is getting there. Really want to tidy up the underneath but it's a lot of effort and calipers need a lick of paint.

Debating wheels now

Yeah I know what you mean about wheels, I was happy with the standard 182 wheels and mine were in great nick and silver but couldn't kick the itch for Turini's and haven't looked back since I got some lol!


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Yeah I know what you mean about wheels, I was happy with the standard 182 wheels and mine were in great nick and silver but couldn't kick the itch for Turini's and haven't looked back since I got some lol!

F@&k, that's basically convinced me. I'm so week.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Went out and got a few pictures today with the plate on and all the work carried out all being settled in nicely. Also changed my broken fog light, has a carbon fibre splitter on her but it's cracked and just bin worthy tbh, so I will order a vrs one I think. Have the dent man coming out next week as well.



ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
My other non Renault cars I've owned, been through some decent models.


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ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Been receiving a few goodies whilst at work, so I had the classic front splitter being gash and cracked, shame as it's a carbon one so have ordered a Fabia one.

Also the rubber on the front slam panel was broke, so made my own from a roll at work and made it bigger sits much better now.

Debadge the massive rear Renault sport and Clio ones for the newer style, new rear number plate light as well, to finish was chrome rear indicator bulbs. Much better.


Carbon rear exhaust surrounds coming up and front fog covers, steering wheel, suspension overhaul coming up as well.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Had a good day on the Clio and started with replacing my horrible broken carbon fibre/stonechipped and rattle canned badly splitter.

Removed it and had 3 pieces, il be repairing and gloss blacking this in the future should I fancy a change. Then fitted my new fabia splitter, instead of cutting both ends I lined up the edge and cut the other edge off to stick back on and do it properly.

Whilst underneath I had the airline turned up and blasted the whole underside and had loads and loads of rust/dirt/grime and nasty stuff. Set about putting this right and cleaned the underside, then stonechipped the floor and blacked the front subframe. Clear waxoyled over that then cavity waxed the prone rust areas...... came out really nice.

And to finish I removed the drivers seat spacers, made the driving position so much better, such a difference can't recommend it enough.



ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
That looks very smart indeed underneath, great work!

Splitter looks much better too :up::up:

Cheers mate, I've ordered new arch liners and fixings and I'd like an under tray but will wait and see what comes up, I like looking underneath for leaks, keep and eye on the old girl haha.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Had a very good day on the ClioSport 182 today.

Picked her up from Engine Dynamics after having my Aux belt and tensioner doing, as well as a fault finding session regarding lumpy idle, me and Andy think it's injectors or cam timing, will be going on for further checks and a remap next month or after that.

Went down to my mates unit and got started with the following.

•Powerflex upper mount
•Powerflex dog one mount
•Powerlex ARB mounts front.
•Exhaust was blowing so sorted that out
•New inner wings front/no more cracks etc.
•New fog light S it was cracked (no2 now)

Also sprayed my engine mount and cleaned up the rusty bolts ready for paint, sprayed my engine hoist bracket as well.

I messaged MarcR about a battery cover but he said all we're going to CSC so decided to make my own and make it slightly different and from aluminium, came out perfect ready for heat reflection tape and paint once I do my cold air feed that I will attach also but that's mk2 of the cover.

Drives unreal now, no Gearbox or engine movement at all, Lovely.

More good progress there and good stuff re. Engine Dymanics, Andy is a great bloke and very knowledgeable indeed so you know it's in safe hands, he went fault finding on mine too to find the cause of the 5k+ revs issue and found it to be the fuel pump. Been fine ever since and this is a 'fix' that Renault were unable to find at my local dealer!! I've just had the dog bone and upper insert on mine too, makes a difference doesn't it!


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Oh massive difference mate, gear changes feel lovely now.

Mine was upside down and on metal doing nothing so it's a lot better now. Shakes abit but it's ok, and my lumpy idle prob don't help ha.

Andy is a decent blood yeah, could tell strait away he knows his stuff. Safe hands indeed.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
So went to rollhard today, queue'd up for 2.5 hours and then got told another hour so left to go pub. On route got a massive blow out from a huge pothole, victim number 5 of the day apparently. so limped to a nearest driveway, luckily some lads came out and said there dad had a cliosport track car and I could borrow it, result!

So put that on and was on my way after saying il bring it back once I get a new tyre.

But found some turinis with tyres for a good price and I'm getting them tomorrow. Touch!

Il be giving the lads a gift of Rizzla and golden Virginia to compliment there herb growing that they were puffing on. So bad day turned good.



ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
So picked up the Turinis today and they're cup et so that's a bonus. Two tyres are good two not so much but still legal. There getting refurbished and wrapped in pilot sport 3's I'm thinking. Going for a light anthracite colour. I toyed with white but think darker is better. Silvers to boring.

Bathed and put on, there not in good nick but seem strait no dents or buckles so can't be bad for £200 .


Great stuff with the wheels, that's a right touch for only £200! :up::up:

Mine are cup offset too and I have Pilot Sport 3's all round, great tyres and you won't be disappointed if that's what you go for. I also have 5mm pure motorsport spacers all round on mine, just enough with the cup offset to get them sitting nice. Something to consider? Lowering also next? :wink:

Can't believe that with the pot hole tho!!!


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
So turinis happened, got them refurbished straight away in a custom colour me and the powder coated made up, wrapped them in Michelin Pilot Sport 3's and love them. Work so wel I think.

Need to lower it now and do a caliper refurb or upgrade so will see what comes up.

My sister is a receptionist at Rolling Rims in Dunmow Essex and she can do a forum discount if need be just let me know and I can pass on the message.

Need a stud kit or new bolts and covers now. Choices?



ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Had a spare half hour at work today so at lunch I removed my grill, masked it up and then fine sand blasted it, best way to key up plastic as it keys everywhere perfectly for adhesion.

Then cleaned it down, re masked it and painted it satin black with proper paint of course (I'm a painter). Used plastic adhesion promoter, black bse coat and a custom satin mix, smartens the front up well I think, gets rid of the faded grey plastic that matches nothing on the car.



ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Your grill is far too black. When can I drop mine off?

Ha, drop off anytime it's easy to do mate

Does look a lot better I don't know why Renault thought it was ok to chuck grey into the mix


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
So another break time free to play meant I had to do the A pillars the same as the rest of them B-C pillars are black so painted them to match.

Again sandblasted them with fine bead to key them up and then masked and primed, blacked then Matt cleared them. Looks much better inside and from outside looking in.


I cut the trim with a new Stanley blade and you can't see it at all came out nice. I will be blacking the sensors tomorrow.

Will hopefully have a steering wheel as well Sunday if my wheels go.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Blacked my sensors yesterday and fitted my turini wheel stickers, little pieces like this just lift the car and make it more personal I think. Always the little bits that make the car, may have a BMS shifter going on soon ha.



ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Another update after having a few weeks off. Been busy doing small but important bits.

  • Intake/battery cover pinted satin black.
  • Made up a new cold air feed from the front grill using the original fixing and new ducting. Need to make a hole in the front metal panel again il use another original fixing for this.
  • New wheel bolt covers.
  • New engine bay bolts here and there.
  • Excellent non sport climate panel.
Also been rattle fixing here and there to not much success but is deffo better.
Suspension next after my holiday to the Dominican Republic weds .


Heat reflective tape to be applied to the side of the heat shield. Wanted to offer a swap if anyone wants with a black intake pipe, this one is special order apparently. Otherwise. I will wrap this one black.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Been a while since I've updated this thread and I've mainly been acquiring a few suspension pieces and carbon fibre parts as well as trying to get to Andy at engine dynamics for cam timing and a remap.

So far I have purchased the following.
Track rods x2
Track rod ends x2
New wishbones x2
Both side ball joints x2
New nuts and bolts throughout to freshen it up also.

Ive gone on proplates as well and got a new front plate 3/4 to tidy up the front some more.

Also got some carbon rear exhaust trims and a front carbon splitter, should be fun over winter ha.



She does come up well.


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
Big update time now guys.

(List of parts fitted are as follow)

Pms solid top mounts
New genuine cup shocks
Cooksport Springs
New nuts and bolts all genuine
Ball joints
Track rods
Track rod ends
Cv boot
Pms Rear 10mm hub spacers
Pms Front 5mm spacers

And you may have seen on the Facebook page i work for JD Classics in the bodyshop so I’m pretty handy at making things and I made my cup spoiler extension, I had these ready to send to be made in carbon fibre and fibreglass but everyone moaned at the cost so decided not to go ahead and just paint it gloss black and make it on mine only.

It drives so good now, just need to align it up at super tyres in witham and we’re good to go.

New ride height and spoiler makes it so much cleaner and meaner.




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You ever noticed the Speedline corse sticker on the Turinis are in the wrong place on the wheel?

Car looks very tidy, good work!


ClioSport Trader
  Cliosport 182 ff
You ever noticed the Speedline corse sticker on the Turinis are in the wrong place on the wheel?

Car looks very tidy, good work!

Are they? Seen a few with them there is all.


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  Cliosport 182 ff
Well another update for you guys....

First of all il start with my trip to Mark Fish motorsport for a Geo, been there before and dealt with mark and Alex both spot on blokes I waited in the workshop whilst they did my geo and had them look at the cam timing as suggested by engine dynamics said it was reading wrong and missing I knew it wasn’t correct.

So my so called dephaser and water pump/cambelt change the previous owner had on paper work when he purchased it was bullsh@t. Never had a dephaser or water pump (90k) and my timing is out slightly so glad I had it checked properly, Engine dynamics just code read as I didn’t want them going to deep at the time but mark said it’s slightky noisy but not bad at all and water pumps don’t fail but obviously advised to get it done.

So yeah all Geo’d/Aligned up drives lovely now, also Alex said my leads were adtermarket rubbish and was causing my missing under slight load, so ordered new genuine leads and fitted them the other day, perfect no missing and a happy chappy it drives so much better on them.
I’ve acquired a Carbon Fibre ktec front splitter and have clear coated it twice now to give it that deep gloss look and I have fitted carbon exhaust surrounds as mine were faded and letting the back end down.

So next year il have belts/dephaser/waterpump dome and map at engine dynamics.

Debating a tessa motorsport intake for xmas though .

Here’s some pics.


Cheers guys