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Crash :-(

  Skoda Fabia vRS

someone has just crashed into me, damaged my rear panel (which ive only just had rust removed from) and my door, both passenger side

was hit by a Renault Espace with some young lad driving with his dad

phoned the insurance an im totally gutted.........

its not my week


Bad news! Sorry to hear that mate. Still you will get a new panel and maybe a few extra bits done on their insurance! Thats the only way to look at it or if your like me I get P*** off with it.

*Ouch thats a B***** one mate! Bet you where mad as hell I know I would be. I had a bloke smash into one of my previous cars (3 months old) and write it off.

After spending loads of time cleaning and polishing it I know how you must be feeling. :(

not good, you must be gutted mate, hope you got out and kicked the sh*t out of them, hope it all gets sorted out ok, i know how p*ssed off i was when someone hit the rear 1/4 on my gtturbo denting the panel and ragging the wheel arch moulding then driving off
  Skoda Fabia vRS

it happened coming off a roundabout, the road coming off the roundabout is 2 lanes, and with me coming from the other side of the roundabout i came on the inside of the roundabout and so headed for the right lane.......he was on the left as though going into the left lane, however at the last minute he decided was goin for the right hand lane, and hit the side of my car, as i was already in that lane......

it was a young lad who hit me, learning with his dad in the passenger seat....
  FRST and 106 GTi

really sorry to ear that BRUN. :(

now, move on, and even can take full advantage of the situation... valver back arches. no? its a possibility.

Well from being involved in the business i would def say sounds like the other driver is 100% liable, roundabout claims are always difficult but in order to assess who is telling the truth the damage to both cars speaks for itself.

I would recommened that in order to prevent delays you put it through your own insurance, if you were injured please let me know and i will get you the name of a decent law firm who dont take 20-45% of your damages
  Skoda Fabia vRS

im not injured mate and neither was my friend in the passenger seat as far as i know, who got a nice view of it all coming towards him an then hittin my car, i dont wanna piss around makin false claims i just want my car back in one piece as quickly as possible...

the damage on his car is a minor scrape on the side of the front bumper, and damage to the panel above the wheel, the front of the bumper on his car, and the door, are both fine

adtmits it happened on st helens linkway west (if i recall correctly) coming off the ASDA roundabout goin onto the linkway with the cinema on it, in town
  clio 20v

thats very gentlemanly of you brun cos i kno a lot of people would claim personally i dont believe in it cos im paying a lot for insurance and i reckon its so high because of people claimin over minor accidents

if your genuinely hurt and your having to have time off work through injury its fine but tellin em uve got whiplash wen theres nuthin wrong with ya is wrong imo



  Shiny red R32


A friend of mine with a Pug 205 Rallye, had the same thing happen when a Ford Galaxy pulled out of a side road and hit it just like yours, and it cost £750 to fix. It needed a new door, plus the pillar between the rear quarter panel and the drivers side door had to be repaired and new strips and trim on door, rear panel and wheel arch had to be put on. The car went to a local bodyshop and is now like brand new with an exact paint match too.

As you can see, the damage is very similar to yours. Good Luck with getting it sorted!


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Quote: Originally posted by BRUN on 22 March 2003

im not injured mate and neither was my friend in the passenger seat as far as i know, who got a nice view of it all coming towards him an then hittin my car, i dont wanna piss around makin false claims i just want my car back in one piece as quickly as possible...

If it happened to me id take em for all i could, the b******s. If it was the other way round they probably wouldnt think twice about doing it to you, so i say go for it. Itll at least offset the cost of your insurance going up. No need for a loan now, eh ;)

I said I wasnt injured when I had mine. An hour later I was strapped to a neck brace and spine board and taken to casulty in Cornwall.

I dont beleive in making false claims either but if you do experience any pain then be carefull and see a doc asap.

I ended up with the money for my car and £2800 injury claim. However after spending 8 hours strapped to a spine board and weeks in pain I deserved it i reckon.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Sorry to here that dude. Yeah, pain often comes along a bit later after the initial shock. When i nudged a bank in my old car and it span me around later on that week my neck was killing like an arse and ever since i get head aches all the time!!!

I also had some guy take advantage of me hitting him up the back. We were waiting at a junction, he was in front and he was balancing on the clutch, the road to the right suddenly cleared, he started to go and then braked, as did i but not in time and touched his rear bumper with mine. No damage what so ever to my old VW, but from looking (and it probably only was, grr!!) only his rear bumper was a bit dinged (205 diesel boat). So i thouhgt, thats ok, only £48 for a new one (i was working for peugeot at the time - handy!), anyway, he takes it to our body shop and he tells them his boot doesnt quite make the same noise when it shuts, and basically the body shop loved this and raked up the price to around £400 - for a bumper, this included new badges!!!?what was wrong with the old ones? I told the bodyshop guys i was paying for it by myself, but they really couldnt care less, so what turned from being £48, and maybe fitting, changed into a £400 nightmare - i even had to held wash the bloody thing too!!!! some people really take advantage - its nice that youre being, nice! although, if its thru insurance, which it probably is then its not so bad. Just us poor high-excess folks that have to fork out loads.



Really unfortunate. Its a funny shaped roundabout. I totally agree with you on not making a false claim. At the end of the day we are all paying for those people who take the piss.

very true adtmits, i would put it through the insurance, bad luck man, i hate to say this it could have been worse, just hope the insurnace dont write the car off due to economic repair.

To be honest we find its the people who allege to have suffered neck pain instantly from say a rear end shunt who are at it, whiplash which is the standard usually kicks in say the next day when you have woke up, at least with a rear end shunt your neck gets thrown the way it is designed to move, its side on hits that can cause real serious damage, ligament even spinal damage.

Three things i would say to anyone involved in an accident, number 1 check how many people where in the other car, phantom passenger claims are getting more and more commen esp in the Bradford and B/ham areas.

Number 2 of you were injured and the other party is at fault as his insurers if they can offer you rehab, yeah you will get some cash for the injury but they may be able to arrange you such treatment as physio to help you recover as i am sure at the end of the day you would want to be fit and healthy and enjoy the cash you get.

Number 3, if your legal expenses insurers put you on to a law firm ask the person who is dealing with it what his qualifications are, due to the bulk nature of this type of accident work loads of firms use non solicitors to deal with the work, if it was more serious an accident insist that it is a solicitor dealing with the work. Also dont accept any crap over "the risks of running a case", my mate was in a rear end accident and the solicitors said that they would take 30% of the damages, Insurers pay the solicitors fees.


  Audi TT Stronic

damn mate.. sorry to hear that.. at least your getting it sorted though.. good luck..keep us posted.
  clio 20v

it annoys me though every1 knows at least a few people who have claimed and got a few thousand quid

and i know several people who claimed and wasnt even hurt in minor accidents

ive been in a few crashes and been the driver in two now first was hitting this guy who pulled out on me at about 30mph and coming off the road at 70mph in my clio and rolling it, i had a few days neck pain and a bit of soreness imo it doesnt make me entitled to fuk all ive had worse whiplash on rides at alton towers

  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea, i know what you mean adi

i did have a bit of neck discomfort today in work but nothin serious, if it starts hurtin proper tomorrow then i might do somethin about it

i just hope the other guy doesnt try an pull a fast one, as i could easily do, but am choosing not to