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Creaking noise :(

  FF 182
Hello, hope someone could shed some light for me....

desperately need your help, for about a month now i have noticed a rather annoying creaking when driving slow and turning the wheel, at 30mph or 60mph its totally fine car drives like a dream, but when driving slow and turning into a road or round a roundabout its a horrible creaking/scraping noise!

More so when i turn left.

What could this be?

I'm assuming its driveshaft, what one i cannot be sure as the noise happens when turning left and right but like i say more so when turning right.

Or could it be something else? Steering rack?

Any help would be appreciated, how much would a driveshaft be to be repaired at Renault?


  FF 182
Any idea how much this was?

I cannot see any signs or leaking CV joints or anything however so may not be driveshaft
  A shiny black one.
It cost about 150, but it took a long time to figure out what it was as it would only make the noise under load, every time they lifted the car the noise would go. They quoted me £30 for the part, the fault finding made it expensive.
  FF 182
Hmm see mine happens more after a longer journey, if i just go down the road after it has sat overnight or a good few hours i won't hear anything

Seems strange, needs its 60k service also so may have to book it all in and say do service and fix it :(
  A shiny black one.
Yes, when mine first started it was only when the car was hot, like you say after a long journey, i left it a while and eventually it did it all the time!
  FF 182
Balls i'll book it in then for the service and get whatever it is fixed, hopefully won't be over £400 as thats all i have this month
  Clio Sport 182
before you spend any money on it, jack it up and spray the front rubber bushes with some wd40 or release oil type stuff, lubricating them all, ie rollbar bushes etc. then give it a drive. The bushes age and once dry, creak when going slowly, over small bumps etc, but once on the road and up to speed you'll probably not hear them. It costs nothing to try. Thats what I found with mine when I first bought it last year. With the recent weather, they'll need doing again I reckon. Obviously, if that is the fault, you could renew them all or live with it and keep them slightly lubricated.
  Artic Blue 182 FF
mine creaked a lot and turned out to be both bottom ball joints get the weight off the wheels and see if there is any play in that joint. 24quid later and 2 new ball joints steering is silent and no creaking, slow or fast speeds.. very easy job to do! you just need a big hammer and an Irish screw driver!
  FF 182
Oh i dunno what to do :( lol waiting for someone to reply to me about a service and see if they can fit me in to get it sorted whatever it is
  FF 182
Right sorry for all the questions.

I just went out to start the car and turn the wheel, the top mounts turn along with the wheel, now i'm not sure if i'm being totally dumb but they aren't supposed to do this are they?

My mums 107 sure doesn't do it
  Clio 1.2
I got someone to look at mine and they recon its because its too low... :S but iv seen cars on here way lower than mine.. the creaking noise has got alot worse now, when i go over bumps it creeks and makes a horrible noise.. i said to them could it be the bushes and they said the noise is commin from the steering rack?! I really dont know what to do :/?!
  FF 182
I'm not lowered at all bud but will be in the near future, but the cr4eaking mainly happened after the car had warmed up, say a half hour journey, then at low speeds when turning left or right, or coming to a slow stop the car would creak quite loudly.

Had the top mounts and ball joints each side replaced and its solved the noise mate :)