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creaking noises

  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
can anyone help i have a 2002 ,172 i started getting a knock from what seemed like the underside of the car when pulling away and the same noise when braking . i have had the dog bone changed and at first the noise semmed to have gone away 4 days later the noise has changed to a creaking sound , open the throttle at low revs the noise is there brake and it happens again can be heard going over speed bumps as well . cant tell if its coming from the dog bone area ,as sometimes it sounds as if its coming from the front o/s strut . i dont think this car had the suspension recall done , dont know if that will have any bearing on it ?
There no suspension recall but a common problem with the strut tops being modified to stop them making noises but it never realy works.

Check the other mounts engine might need moving a bit to make it correct.
  Clio 172
I have the exact same problem i think. When i am on half lock - full lock driving slow and when i brake i have this noise that is a cross between a knock and a grind. I have had the CV joint, driveshaft and everything else checked and nothing can be found!!! The only thing though the CV joint had spat out the grease so packed it up again but it made no difference!

I've had it for a few months now and it's really doing my head in.

Anyone have any ideas at all?
Sorry to bring this up again but it seems many people has this problem. In my case, mine start after I had my cambelt changed.

In the beginning, the noise happen just sometimes when I run over speed bump, or when hard brake in high speed or in slow speed when you release the gas pedal.

Then, I changed the driver side suspension top mount and adjust my Koni shocks a bit stiffer. It helps, no more noise happen wen hard brake and over speed bump.

But after a few weeks after top mount had changed, it started to get more frequent, only at low speed. It happens *sometimes* during turn or when the chassic slide forward (I mean when the force go to the front) . Not too loud but annoying.

Be honest, all the bushes are fine after checked. And the noise sounds like from the bottom of the car near right suspension arm area.

I would like to collect some info of other Clio owner who has the same problem. Can you tell me what you had done to your car and when does it happen?? But yes, I am thinking if it is relate to the engine mount.