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CRM Systems

Anyone used one before? We need one for our business.

Access if good, but would rather something web based to allow remote sign in from anywhere.

Sales force and ACT! seems to tick all the boxes (customizeable fields) but at either £250 per user, or £50 per month per user, it seems a little steep.
Yeah, I've tried the demo for it, it looks ok.

Basically, I need something that can hold the customer's data (name, email, notes, attachments, category (business related))

Then some kind of diary system for the consultants and our training courses, linked to each customer on the course.

Access / ACT! would be great, but the fact it needs to be accessible by all consultants from anywhere limits this, hence the choice for a web based one, allowing anyone to log in, add customers, change the calendar etc.
We use Sales Force at this end. One thing I would say, is that there does not appear to be an easy option to enter in more information, in terms of calls made/last contacted.

At my last place we had something called RDB (recruitment database) but no idea who it was supplied by. Very good though, even gave you alerts to call clients that you hadn't spoken to for a certain period of time.