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My Comprehensive Notes from todays Apple Special Event! 8th March 2022. [Mac Studio / Studio Display etc].

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Apple Special Event - 8th March 2022

— Tim Cook on stage.
  • Starting with AppleTV+.
  • Talking about movies on AppleTV+ getting nominated for awards etc.
  • Apple Original Films: Coda, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Spirited, Luck, Argylle - Seems they have recruited every huge actor for these new Original movies. Pretty impressive!
  • “Something Exciting to share” - Friday Night Baseball - coming to AppleTV+. 2 games that you can only see on AppleTV+.

— Lets talk iPhone!
  • Worlds most advanced mobile operating system. A15 processor etc.
  • Introducing 2 new finishes for the iPhone 13/Pro… the leak was true. It’s GREEN. I’m not a huge fan.
  • Pre-Order the new Green this Friday. Launch March 18th.

— Lets talk Apple Silicon - iPhone SE!
  • Talking about how the current A15 is best in class etc.
  • A15 Bionic is coming to the NEW iPhone SE (The leak was true… again).
  • More new users have been added to using iPhone than any previous generation (pew pew pew Android lol).
— Francesca Sweet on screen now:
  • Talking about the iPhone SE.
  • Talking about the A15 Bionic and how it makes the iPhone SE awesome…
  • I don’t need to take notes on what the A15 Bionic can do… the processor is what we already have in our current iPhone 13/Pro/MAX models.
  • iPhone SE is in 3 colours - Midnight, Starlight and Product Red.
  • Toughest Glass in a smartphone, ever - Front and Back.
  • Same glass as iPhone 13/Pro/MAX.
  • It has TouchID.
  • Better battery life than before.
  • 5G.
  • 12MP Camera (single lens on back).
  • Now she is talking about iOS15. We know all this. Stop wasting my time lol.
  • Smart HDR4.
  • $429 - Pre-Order this Friday. Launch March 18th! Wow that’s cheap!!

— iPad:
  • iPad AIR update (yay even this was leaked. Is nothing secret anymore?)
— Angellina on screen now:
  • Performance: M1 is coming to iPad AIR!! Wow ok nice - this was only on the new iPad Pro before! Badass.
  • Faster than the fastest competitor.
  • 2x faster than the best selling laptop.
  • She’s talking a lot about the M1 processor now. We know all this already, the M1 is not new (still mega impressive though, crushes the competition).
  • 500 nits.
  • Front camera is 12MP Ultra-Wide! Supports Centre Stage! Nice!!
  • Connectivity - 5G.
  • USB-C port is now 2x faster.
  • Compatible with the Smart Keyboard folio etc.
  • Also supports Apple Pencil 2.0.
  • iPadOS 15 - we already have this so I won’t go in to it too much.
  • New release of iMovie on iPad - looks pretty cool - coming next month.
  • 100% recycled aluminium. 100% recycled rare earth elements etc.
  • Crazy how this new iPad Air is faster than my iPad Pro, and now has the same family of processor as my MacBook Pro lol. Ah, what a time to be alive.
  • Space Grey, Starlight, Pink, Purple, Blue.
  • From $599 - 64GB/256GB (damn that’s cheap for an M1 tablet!)
  • Pre-Order Friday, Launch March 18th!

— Mac!
  • Talking about how M1/M1Pro/M1Max MacBooks have no equal. He’s right you know lol.
— John Ternus on screen now talking about Mac.
  • M1 ULTRA announced! - Jeez man I just bought the M1Max MacBook Pro for gods sake.
  • This is “for the desktop” - phew!!
  • Starts with M1Max… ok let’s see where this is going!
  • M1Max “has a secret!”
  • Wow, M1Max has a die-to-die connectivity feature!! They can connect 2 M1Max chips to make an ULTRA Processor!
  • UltraFusion Architecture!
  • 2.5TB/s!
  • More than 4x performance of competition!
  • Massive bandwidth and efficiency!
  • 114Billion Transistors - Most EVER in a computer Chip.
  • 800GB/s - 10x faster than the latest PC chip!
  • 128GB Unified Memory!!!! Holy crap.
  • 20-core CPU. 16 High Performance and 4 High Efficiency.
  • 64-Core GPU. 8x faster than M1.
  • 32-Core Neural Engine cores.
  • 2x capable Media Engine (wow).
  • Industry leading performance per watt.
  • Uses 65% less power for more performance compared to PC equivalent!
  • This is game changing.
  • Industry leading security.
  • Software see’s the M1Ultra as a single piece of silicon!
  • Developers are now talking about the M1Ultra. They all love it. Surprised? Nope.

— Here we go - Talking about “The Studio”. The leak is obviously real lol.
  • Introducing and announcing… the MAC STUDIO!! - and STUDIO DISPLAY.
  • Ok that is pretty stunning. Wow.
  • Uses M1Max and M1ULTRA.
— Colleen Novielli on screen now.
  • Design: Exterior is 7.7inches Square. 3.7Inches high. Single piece of Aluminium.
  • Sucks in air at the base.
  • 2 fans at the top.
  • Rear exhaust.
  • It is super efficient and quiet. You will barely ever hear it.
  • Connectivity: 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports.
  • 10GB Ethernet (nice!!)
  • 2x USB-A.
  • HDMI.
  • Pro-Audio 3.5mm jack.
  • WiFi 6.
  • Bluetooth 5.
  • SDXC-Card Reader at front.
  • 2x USB-C 19Gbps at front / Thunderbolt 4.
  • 4x Pro Display XDR support + 4K TV.
  • Performance: 50% faster than Mac Pro with Xeon - Ouch to everyone who bought that one.
  • 90% faster than 16-core Mac Pro with Xeon and 60% faster than the Mac Pro with 28-core Xeon! Wtf seriously wow.
  • Ok we get it, M1Ultra is INSANE lol - this is just embarrassing the competition at this point. Wow.
  • 48GB Video Memory! WTF.
  • Up to 128GB Unified Memory.
  • 7.4GB/s SSD - up to 8TB!
  • M1Ultra 800GB/s memory bandwidth. (400GB/s for M1Max version).
  • 18 steams of 8K ProRes 4.2.2 video. No other computer in the world can do this. Holy hell.
  • M1Max Mac Studio is 3.4x faster than the fastest iMac.
  • M1Ultra Mac Studio is 80% faster!
  • I have to say, the Mac Studio is a stunning bit of kit. It’s so damn sexy! I’m happy with my M1Max MacBook Pro though! Woop!
  • Uses far less energy than competitors. 100% recycled rare earth elements etc.
— Talking Mac Studio Display: Nicole on screen now.
  • Design: All screen design - but it has bezels - (pretty big bezels…!)
  • Slim profile.
  • 30 degrees of tilt.
  • You can add a tilt/height stand if you like (extra add-on).
  • VESA adapter option (extra add-on lol).
  • 27” 14.7million 218PPI. 5K Retina!
  • 600 nits.
  • P3 wide colour gamut.
  • TrueTone.
  • Anti-Reflective coating.
  • Nano-texture glass option (add-on haha).
  • A13 Bionic is BUILT IN to the display - surprising. Pretty cool!
  • Camera and Audio system. 12MP Ultra-Wide (same as iPad).
  • Supports Centre Stage (on Mac for the first time).
  • 3 “studio quality” mic array.
  • 6 speaker sound system: 4 subwoofers/2 high performance tweeters.
  • Multichannel surround sound with spatial audio / Dolby Atmos.
  • By far the highest fidelity speakers ever in a Mac.
  • Best combo of Camera and Audio ever in a desktop display.
  • 3x USB-C 10Gbps.
  • 1x Thunderbolt 4 port the provides 96w of power for charging MacBook.
  • Connect 3 Studio Displays to MacBook Pro.
  • New Silver and Black colour options for Magic Keyboard and Trackpad etc.
  • 100% recycled rare earth elements etc.
  • Pair it with Any Mac - like MacBook Pro, AIR, Mini and Studio.
  • Showing off the Mac Studio and Studio Display with a very cool little video lol.
  • M1Max Mac Studio STARTS FROM $1999 / M1Ultra Mac Studio STARTS FROM $3999.
  • Studio Display starts at $1599 - configure it up from there.
  • Pre-Order NOW - Available on March 18th.
  • Mac PRO - Coming SOON - but they will NOT show it today! (Seriously, how much better can it get? This is insanity! The “Pro” is going to be disgustingly powerful).
— Tim Cook black on stage.
  • Show close.

Notes by: DeeKay86. I hope you enjoyed my notes! I am a bit of a freak and I do this for pretty much every large event many companies put on. I won't advertise my socials here as I think its not allowed lol.