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crossovers +amp for components, where

where have you put your crossovers and amp for you components in a mk1? im thinkin amp under teh seat but i dunno about the crossovers

amp in the boot would mean the wireing will have to go to the boot and all the way back again... where in teh door do i mount the cross overs?

crossovers under the dash (under the dials, theres a big space), amp in the boot (was thinking about putting the amp under the passenger seat but it wouldnt fit!)
  Clio Mk1 Hybrid

my amps under my passenger seat just fits, not running crossovers tho, what do they do? are they worth doing??

  A slow one :-(

Crossovers split the frequencies of the music so that the speakers get the right frequencies. Ie Tweeter gets the higher end of frequencies and the mids get the lower frequencies! U dont need to run a crossover unless u are running comps (seperate tweets and mid drivers).