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CRS 172 Phase 1 in SPAIN!

  Clio MK2 Sport ph1,
Hi!, one month passed since i buyed the CRS172, and now im proudly to present in society:

Shot with E-520 at 2009-10-14

Its a CB0M. Originaly made in october of 2000 and had 70000km when i buyed.

the car its aparently perfect and with a totally conservated interior.

the engine bay when i get the car:

Shot with E-520 at 2009-11-04

Shot with E-520 at 2009-11-04

Shot with E-520 at 2009-11-04

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04

a photo of the down part of the engine, aparently in good status

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04

Shot with E-520 at 2009-11-04

Shot with E-520 at 2009-11-04

Shot with E-520 at 2009-11-04.

and for this weekend:

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04
Motul Oil

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04
Itg Sust. Filter

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04
Magnecor coil cables

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04
Denso Spak plugs

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04
and this teflon piece

Shot with E71 at 2009-11-04

some upgrades more soon!!


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
Welcome, More new members from outside the uk :approve:

This week we have Member packs going to Spain, Australia, Hungary and Lithuania
very nice! glad you have taste over in spain!

I have not seen any other rs 182 yet since beening over here, about 2 years now !! :cool: all you ever see is the odd golf GTI honda civic/accord and a shed load of mercs.

Seen one or two megane sports around near me tho :eek: must say very nice cars!


ClioSport Club Member
i will live in spain one day!! they are big fans of DCi Clios over there!!

car looks nice mate, looks in very good condition thanks to the better weather!
Wish I had my phase 1 over in spain. Nice weather, dry roads.

Welcome to Cliosport mate, very nice car too.
  Clio MK2 Sport ph1,
thanks for all messages. cars are dryer here but we have inspections too and every year i must pass the "itv". and even if you got polybushes, you cant pass them... so this car never will get a itb´s and i want them...

yes in spain loves the dcis!! and the tdis.... and al thinks that end in di. in sanroque maybe there no is sports but in other parts of the country there is a lot of them. not so many as england or france. in spain we have other forum called, but here i feel so well and im learning a lot.

and aluco, i noticed a little more responsive the throttle, but the bigger change is the sound. now at 3000 rpm the engine sounds soooooo great.

next month will have more improvements in the clio. meanwhile im buying new audio and installing it)
  Clio 172 RS2

Clio looks better under the bonnet without the plastic engine cover and that black filt panel.

Your pretty proud of your RS1 or so it seems! :approve:
  Clio MK2 Sport ph1,
yes i think it also. with the engine nude the engine bays looks more... sport.... and in fact i save over 1kg with that things. ^^!