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Cruise Control on Trafic 2 115dci cannot set speed

  Trafic 2 115dci 2009
Hi there,

I registered on this forum because I found a lot of good information regarding cruise control retrofit for Renault vehicles.

I retrofitted cruise control and speed limiter on a 2009 Renault Trafic 2.0 115dci.

All the buttotns have been installed: cruise control, speed limiter, plus, minus, pause and restart
I have activated the cruise control and speed limiter in the cluster instrument / UCH.

The speed limiter now works correctly. I can set the speed and it is shown on the display. And the car is not driving faster as long as the speed limiter is on.
But the cruise control does not set the speed. I can activate it and see the green light. But when the plus button is pressed, no speed is accepted. "The display stays at "SET ---"

I have already checked the following:
1. there are no errors in any of the 4 ECUs (Airbag, ABS, Injection, UCH)
2. Brake and clutch switches are OK (all three, checked with diagnostics)
3. All buttons are working (checked with diagnostics)
4. all fuses are OK

I also checked the following parameters with diagnostic tools, all look coorect and should allow cruise control.

LC119 Cruise control / speed limiter WITH

LC120 Cruise control LC120 WITH
LC121 Speed limiter WITH
ET042 cruise control / speed limiter REGULATE
ET413 Cruise control / speed limiter CC SUSPENDED
ET557 Disabled by CC / SL function INACTIVE

Is there anything I can still check or measure? Thanks in advance!
  Trafic 2 115dci 2009
+ and - work correcly. I can change the max speed and it is shown in the display.
The buttons (plus, minus, resume, abort) are also correctly recognized in diagnostics.