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cunning man meet 2, photos @ HSBC

  RB 182 cup
Here are my bros pics...These are the pics that werent too dark! but they came out ok!! sorry if some cars arent in these! Enjoy.....













  Porsche Boxster987S
some nice cars. I think those lights in front of the cars waste the pics a bit:dapprove:
  RB 182 cup
haha yeah, it does make them quite contrasty!! kinda hard to deal with them in such low light!
  Porsche Boxster987S
i dont really know if its the actual lights that waste it or just the positioning of the cars around them. If you get what i mean?
  RB 182 cup
its the lights mostly, but a mix of both! mainly because the light was harsh, if the lights were in greater numbers and dimmer they would have come out alot better!
  RB 182 cup
Yea some good locations in the Reading business parks at night. Will definately have to have more of an explore at some point.