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Cup Down on Power :( Help Me!

Can anyone Help my Cups performance has dropped off gradually since Ive had it. Ive been back to Reno a few times and they say its mint! Em not convinced!

Can anyone suggest a decent Rolling Road in the North so I can gauge the performance of my CAR?

Please Help!
  mk2 172

abbs, you could go tomotor tune in rotherham, only there figures tend to be realistic, which tend to be quite low!

Where abouts in Rotherham are they?

Are they cowboys or good blokes!

Cheers Craggy may see you on Sunday so that may be a test!;)
  mk2 172

its easy to get to, hell, i may even take the saxo for a power run, not sure if theydo graps ,but theyll tell you what you pushin out, and there not max power types:). been a while since i been so they may do different things now, they do chips etc

and youll blow me away in a cup!
  Silver Fabia vRS

abbs - You say performance has dropped? Perhaps its just your getting used to the acceleration and performance of it?
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Ditto to geoff....

Get it roaded to check and dont give those reno monkeys anymore excusses to thrash your motor.

Have you got your name down for the midlands/essex rolling road days...or both! there will be plenty to compare with there.

Essex a little far Im near York but thanks for the advice!

The only reason I worry is that I was pushed by an Astra GSI the old shape, I didnt bray mine but i was up around 4 - 500 rpm and wasnt really pulling away!

And yes Im somewhat used to it,only had a passenger say today how well it grips and he has a golf gt tdi which aint a bad bit of Kit!

Cheers boys!

Nice to see the forum been used properly!

Mines gettin faster all the time!! Dont notice the cam change at 4500-5000rpm as much though, but I tend to see a little green light all the time and ignore it! The sound of the engine is lovely without all that sound deadening - no need for an exhaust or induction kit - they wouldnt benefit anything anyway.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Anyone got any ideas how or where to rip some sound deadening out of the Dynamiques??? Dont kno if there is some stuffed behind the dash or whatever?! Dont laugh now you big 2.0L boys lol, i know its only a poxy little 1.2 lol
  ICE'dberg MK2 172


Im sure Bertie Bassett would takes all sorts!

You might want a 172.....I want a V6;)