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Cup garages

Fecking great. My car has been put back again! this time to the 1st of October!

I remember someone saying that they ordered an available one from up North and is getting it tomorrow. does anyone know of any garages where I might be able to pick one up quicker?? distance no object but I live around the Oxford area.

Going nucking futs here! :mad:


its really turning out to be the ltd edition it wasnt meanto be!

BTW, if capt reads this, well anybody.

why is there a cliocup and Jean Ragnotti at teh Paris motor show?

are they diff in any way, or am i thinking its going to be the real cliocup racer?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Renault are waiting for the winter before they deliver any of these. A reliable source was quoted as saying:

Renault UK are a caring organisation, and out of respect for our customers we cannot possibly supply a brand new, modern car without air-conditioning unless we can guarantee that the weather will be so cold that our customers wont need it

Dont forget, you heard it here first!

good point Mike !.there will be plenty of cheap accident damaged ones soon..

first bit of ice and no abs.... ah, the momentum from 172 ponies....

yep, will be loads soon.

Joe.. lol :devilish:

Mine was delayed until October "some time",,,,,.

I need it for work, so I called around as many dealers as possible and found one that had one in and would match my current deal.

So im picking it up tomorrow, a week earlier than anticipated.




Renault Oldham have one in the showroom. Useful to anyone?? Two minutes off the M60.