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Cup Progress report

I have now done 402 miles in my cup. Just basically familierised myself with it.

All I can say it handles like a dream, there is loads of feed back and the car is so easy to place.

Cant really rag the balls off it yet as Im following the running in procedure.

Jusy filled it up tonight with optimax (Dealer prob put normal unleaded in it) so I will tell you if the car runs smoother/faster. Is there and ECU reset procedure?

When it gets to 1k miles I will change the oil then again at 6k miles, I know the dealer says 12k miles but I feel its a bit too long. What oil is already in my car say if I need a top up? Also what oil would you guys recomend changing it to (Castrol Magnatec 10 40W?)

Next to my cigarette lighter there is a hole, very small, looks like some sort of socket to plug something into, does anyone know what it is?



Its the hole where the alarm warning light should be. Lift out the ashtray and have a feel down in the hole, you should be able to find the lamp and cable and re-fit it back up in its socket