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Cup Rev Limiter

What is the limiter on the cup?

Mine seems to be varying and I know it is not down to the engine being cold, as I never drive hard with a cold engine. Cheers Tim O.

Mine cuts out at 7250, ive not tried to thrash it when cold so dont know where the warming up limiter cuts in.

One the 172 the limiter is lower when the engine is cold, something like 6750 or something, youll notice if you try and floor it with a cold engine. And when warm the lower gears are aroung 7250 but Im not sure about 4th or 5th.

When not fully warmed up:-

Gear Change light 6500 / Cut out 6750

When Hot:-

Gear Change light 7000 / Cut out 7250

P.S. 8000Rpm would put 4 round dents in your Bonnet !!!!!

In PGTI it said the limiter was raised to 8000rpms. But I believe its not.

I think someone on this forum has however had their limiter raised that far tho... (on a 172 not cup)