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Cup thoughts

I have to agree for the amount they cost they are fantastic.

Playing with a 106 GTI today and he had no chance all i saw was a set of foglight in my mirrors getting smaller and smaller. I had to laugh at the next set of lights as he pulls along side with his tuned by ABP stickers all over the car.


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Not exactly a fair race though...

A 2.0 litre with 172bhp vs a 1.6 litre with 120bhp?!

Find summat with a bit of a chance!

The doughnut should have known what he was going up against, any respectable petrolhead now knows the Cup.

Anyway, play with fire........
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abp wouldnt know tuning if it bit em on the arse there good though at suspension and servicing e.t.c and know what there doing but tuning no

they havent even got rollers, i was talkin to a guy who worked there with a supercharged focus apparently another company did all the work but it had "tuned by abp motorsport" stickers all over it

u from the northwest then paul u comin the nxt nw meet nxt weekend

Well, Ive got the upmost respect for the 106 GTi - it was the first hot hatch to get anywhere near the Valver in performance terms and the only one worth racing. Obviously then the 172 came along, but the 106 GTi design is a fair bit older.

Rich-D - The pug at least used to have a list price of £11,795 so they are actually direct comparisons. The Cup is a very good car, the fact it doesnt have abs is a problem for me but i think it will get cult car status no problem!!

My views arent quite as pro-abs as before thanks to the recent weather probs but i still think they are a neccessary safety device for the general driver, as are airbags and seatbelts. You dont always see everything whilst driving and on the occasions you have to react very quickly it is human nature to just stamp on the brakes, so abs cuts stopping time in those circumstances. Id like to think im an above average driver and so wouldnt need ABS but the fact is theres plenty of crap drivers around so i wont put my life into their hands. Ive been saved by ABS once so i wont be giving it up!

Love it. Loved my first Cup as well. The garage made me give it back when they discovered that they had given me the wrong car, and my actual Cup had been sat in their showroom for a week!!! Oh well. 500 free miles!!!


I know I will be very sad to see it go im moving house so it has to go ,hopefully keep it for a couple of months longer and I might even persuade myself to keep it.

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 13 January 2003

What was the difference in the two cars then? How comes you didnt notice?!
The only difference was that the VIN no. was different. I didnt really think to check it at handover. I presumed the garage would give me the right car I suppose.

I think the second one is more responsive and picks up much better anyway. Maybe because I didnt hammer it from day one and ran it in much more.