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Customer Service and Build Quality

After reading many of the posts on this site about the poor build quality of the Clios, and Renaults below par customer service and Garages, i was half expecting to find our new Clio Sport (172) falling apart when we went to take delivery, and the dealer throwing us they keys and slamming the door in our face.

In reality, nothing could have been further from the truth. The car was in immaculate condition (they even washed it before we picked it up), and I could spot none of the build quality syndromes which I had been told plague these cars. The dealer gave us a comprehensive tour of the cars features, and told us how he had spotted a tiny dent in the door (while looking down the length of the car against a light) and had the panal beater remove it before we picked it up. I drove away very impressed.

There was a free service at 1000Km (whats that in miles - not much) just to check over the car, make sure everything was working fine and give us a chance to paint out any problems or flaws. We even recieved a follow up letter form the Service Manager inquiring if the service was completed to our satisfaction and whether it was ready at the time proposed. He said "Should we fail to meet your needs and expectations, if there is an ongoing concern or repair that is not being addressed to your satisfaction, or if you have any suggestions as to how we may imporve our service to you, the please contact me."

I guess Im just saying that I have found both the build quality and the customer service to be of a high quality, depist being a relativly affordable and good value car. And it drives like a dream.

So to a few of you on this site - You shouldnt beat up on Renault/s so much, anyone would think you were trying to scare people away from these fantaistic cars.

And to prospective buyers - Take the criticism into account, but trust what you experience of the cars and the dealerships.

So anyway, Congratulations and thanks to Renault for a great car.

David - MkII Clio Sport - Sydney

Sounds like the main difference between your purchase and a lot of our experiences is that we didnt buy our Clios from a UK Renault Dealer.

Because cars are so much more expensive in the UK than the rest of Europe, I bought an imported Clio from Holland, saving over £4000 on the list price. This is why when I return to the dealer to (for example to have warranty work done) they seem reluctant to help, give me false information regarding my warranty, and are generally useless.

Thats no good. I dont get that sort of thing here in Australia, so I have no experience with it.

We did buy a BMW from Germany and have it shipped over once though. We had no problems serviceing it here. Get what you pay for I guess.

However, to their credit, I have to say that on the few occasions I have spoken to someone at Renault UK customer services, they have been extremely helpful. It just seems to be just the Dealers that have a bee in their bonnet.

SydneyClioSport, when I picked my 172 up in the UK I was like you, expecting it to rattle and suffer numerous quality issues. On the whole though I was very surprised as it as pretty much spot on with the exception of a couple of pieces of trim that did not quite fit flush. However after I had driven it 600 miles or so, the rattles started and one by one the common faults people mention on here seem to be turning up. Im sure not all clios are like this, but it is strange that ive had alot of the rattles people seem to get, and magazines like EVO which have a 172 on long term test seem to get a lot of these problems. Anyway, I hope your 172 proves me completely wrong!

To be honest if I had wanted my car not to rattle I wouldnt have bought a Renault, or for that matter any French car. ;)

Ive had 3 renaults and a peugeot and this is the first one to rattle! And its the only one thats been bought new.

Yeah, I was thinking that too :). Mind you I had each one over three years and with the exception of the Clio snapping two clutch cables they were fine.