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Cutting Out

  Clio 1.2
My recently acquired 1996 1.2 Clio cuts out when doing tight manoevres in 1st/Reverse gear. As I turn the steering wheel the revs drop and the engine stalls. To prevent this I find I have to give the car what I feel is a lot of throttle to keep the revs up. (more throttle the more I turn the wheel)

It's not a major issue but it is annoying... any ideas??

Also.. does the rear window washer have a separate fluid reservoir to the front one because it's currently not working and I can't find where to fill it? (I've tried the Hayne's manual but there's no mention)

Thankyou in advance!
  172 cup'd extreme
do the revs only drop when the car is under load or do they drop when you stop at a junctions for example?

the rear washer is the same reservoir as the front, when you open the boot there are some rubber gators running along the top inside those the pipe that feeds the rear washer breaks over time, in halfords you can buy a connector to connect the two broken pipes up
  Clio 1.2
Thanks for the washer info!

The revs only drop when the car is under load not at junctions. It usually happens doing a 3 point turn or tight parking.