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Cypriot Imports

My brother is buying a 172 from trade-sales and it turns out its a cypriot import, therefore sourced from outside the eu and hence not subject to the 3 years manufacturers warranty. Does this mean that it has come off a different production line to the one in France?
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I personally wouldnt buy it since it is from outside the EU. He would probably have trouble insuring it and may have to get it done as a grey import (not from the EU)

I would ask him to walk away from the deal..

get an eu model..

it has come from the same line, but would be more bother due to warranty etc.

why walk away from the deal? its the same car off the same production line and the same spec as everywhere else. The only difference is the warranty. He is buying a 4 year warranty separately which is rated as one of the best in the country and is more comprehensive than the standard renault one. Sure, having a 3 year one from renault for free would be more handy ( only because its free ), but I cant see any reason not to buy the car. Surely it will still come with the COC required?

sorry if that sounded a bit arsey, didnt mean it to. Just wondering what the problems are so I can advice him if there is anything he needs to bare in mind.

It wont be classed as a grey import but it will not have a valid 3 year warranty (although the 1st year should be covered).

As for aftermarket warranties... be warned that certain companies (not going to name them but it starts with one of these letters vwwwwwwx) wont cover everything that goes wrong with your car even though they say they will....

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Im eagerly awaiting delivery of a new black mk2 172 which I bought from a trade sales place in Crawley - £12.5k, full UK spec (so Ive been told!) apart from no thatcham cat1 alarm; I get full 3 year Renault warranty included.

Couple of questions:

Is the factory fitted immobiliser a thatcham cat2 one? If so Ive been told I can "upgrade" it to cat1 and save some cash.
Ive been offered an extra 2 year warranty by "Sure" or someone for £399 which includes wear and tear on most things except obvious things like tyres and pads which I get £359 back if I dont claim on it... is this worth taking up?
How longs should I run it in before I can rag it?! Obviously I dont wanna scew it but Ive heard that the harder theyre driven the better/sooner they become.
Whats the best way of keeping the std head unit and changer but adding an amp and sub; Im not sure if itll have pre-outs.
Will it have esp? And can I turn it off?!
Any sugegstions as to what I can do to contain my excitement until it arrives..?!
Nice one...


Because the manufacturers warranty doesnt cover every part of the car whereas a 3rd party warranty may do.

Like any warranty a manufacturers one will be on average better than a 3rd party one, the items that wont be covered are wear and tear unless otherwise stated where as a 3rd party warranty will cover certain parts (ie the engine) for say 2k rather than the 4-5k that its worth if it blows up thus leaving you with a big bill (where as a renault manufacturers warranty would cover the full cost).

Like i said before, there are certain warranty cos out there which have lots of small print, you could be left with a bitter taste if your unlucky (as did quite a few scoob owners with a certain warranty company who wouldnt cover any engine failures but stated that the engine was covered!!)


surely if you dont read the small print and then try and claim for something that isnt covered, thats your own fault how ever much of a pi**er that is. Mind you, if that happened to me I would be well hacked off as I imagine those scooby owners were. Personally I would prefer the manufacturers warranty, but if car only comes with 1 years mf warranty then I would have considered a 3rd party warranty. Especially with the reliability we keep hearing about on this website.

Ah well, its all fun and games in the wonderful world of warranties!

An insurance backed warranty, which is what a 3rd party warranty is, will only ever cover specific detailed items up to a certain value. A manufacturers warranty will always be better.

While I prefer a three years mf warranty, surely if an insurance backed 3rd party warranty lasts 4 years, and covers more parts than the mf warranty, then this has to preferable to a 1 years mf warranty? I agree that the chances are it will only cover up to a certain value for each part, but thats down to individual policies. Im not trying to start an argument, Im just trying to find out if my brother is wasting a lot of cash on this warranty.

At the end of the day the cars come off the same production line so should all come with the same warranty. Its just a scam by renault really.
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Poor you..! Ever been mown down in the UCG carpark by a dump valved GT turbo? I have, couldnt move out of the way for laughing!!

Youll have to keep an eye out for my numberplate Ive reserved...
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Watch out for some of these 3rd party warranties they are pants!! I had one from motorpoint, when I had a problem they listed 2 back street garages in my area that they would authorise to perform repairs!!

TB1, might be able to confirm this one, but I have heard that new scoobs from Cyprus dont have the same quality of sealant under the car, hence when the cold weather and salty roads arrive it may suffer. Can anyone confirm this?