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D2S Bulb

  EDC 220 Trophy
Hi all. Apologies if this has been advised 1000 times before in these forums, I have looked through them all honestly.

Ive just purchased 53 plate clio 172. I need to replace the D2S buld in the drivers side headlight. Im not about to haul myself down to renault for my pants to be taken down. Im going to purchase a D2S from ebay as they are looking around £25. Can anyone tell me the standard output on the D2S bulb I need? Im not wanting to break any laws.

If anyone can post a link that would be ace.

Also, Is it completely nessasary to have the dealer install this. I understand they are very delicate.

Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks :)
  EDC 220 Trophy
Does Anyone have any advise on where I should get this bulb changed once I buy it?
I really dont want to go to Renault

  EDC 220 Trophy
Right so... ive bought new D2s bulb 4300k for my drivers side headlight and after much swearing from my mate who put it in for me the bulb does not work. Anyone have any ideas why this light isnt working. The fuse has been checked and is ok.

please help???