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DA Pads and Polish.

  Fiesta ST-3
Hi guys.

First off let me apologise if this has been asked 100 times.

I have a DA and my pads are at the end of their life. I also have two polish compounds. I bought it all as part of a set, I had Meguires cutting, finishing and glaze pads and two Meguires compounds.

If I'm honest it left me a little dissapointed. I have managed to perfect my technique over a year or so but the pad polish combination doesn't have enough cut for me, struggling to remove the lightest of scratches!

Can anyone recommend me some good pads and polish mix as I feel the Meguires option was a cheap option as it was bought in a set!!

Cheers Scott


ClioSport Club Member
Chemical guys hex logic pads get very good reviews for DA but haven't used them personally

If your looking for fast correction then microfiber pads seem to be the way forward I've had good results with the megs system but the pads don't last very long and again chemical guys have released a new range of there own. Which can be used with any polish rather than a specific microfibre polish.
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I used the hexlogic range for both DA and rotary and pretty happy, but the vast range of pad firmness it can get expensive, as suggested depending on how hard your paint appears to be get a cutting or polishing pad, finishing and glazing pad. They seem to have held up quite well. I tried the 3m pads but was quite happy with my hex pads so passed them on.

If you're likely to change up to rotary then stick with a foam pad. If you're happy with yourr DA then maybe consider the MF pads as once you're used to them they seem to perform very well, but then again I think I'd want multiples of the same pad to avoid having to wash them out as I hear that on long sessions they can clog up, but I've not used them myself.