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Dancing Needles

  CLIO 1.2 16V MK2 EXPR
Please can someone help me...

I have started the car while holding down the trip reset button to make the needles dance and whatnot, but what button do you press to cycle through the mileage, consumption options etc... i've pressed every button in the car but to no avail!!!

i've done a search and theres some goods threads but they mention pressing a button on one of the stalks to toggle through the options, but my 02 clio expression doesnt have this button.

i'm confused :(
  Clio MK3 Work in progress
What year is your car, not all Models have a trip Computer? If you do it is usually on the end of the stalk for your wipers ect, if i remember rightly.
  BMW E92/Audi S3
I think you only get the button if you have a trip computer. (I don't know if they all come with a TC)
end of wiper stalk iirc theres a little button thingy

not drove a clio for a yr so forget but its on the end of one of the stalks
  CLIO 1.2 16V MK2 EXPR
:( me no have button on wiper stalk!?!

if my clio hasnt got a trip computer then why oh why can i get half way?

thanks for the responses peeps...:star: