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dash bulb

  6/468 17poo

to be honest mate its probably just the bulbs which are shot which means you gotta take most of the dash off bit of a mission but its DIY!ive done a mk1 around 10 times never attempted mk2 but i no its a dash out job!

Good luck

:( god damnit, didnt wanna strip the dash out of my clio, did it to my fiesta and it never went back right, and it was much more obvious how to take the fiesta apart aswell.

Mk2 dash is easy... from memory...

3 screws along the front
1 screw on left end
1 screw on right end
2 screws under the steering wheel
2 screws under the clocks

Then pull TOWARDS you to release the clips along the window.

having removed mine about a dozen times now it can be done in about 10 mins. A pillars have to be pulled off first.