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Dashboard backlights...

  Clio MK3 1.6 Dynamique
The other day I turned on my lights and for some reason my dashboard backlight wouldnt come on... (speedometer and rev counter thingie), the backlight for my stereo etc were working fine.. just not my speedometer and rev counter? I tryed turning them on and off a few times(slowly), but nothing worked, anyway I just drove to where I had to, when I got home(30-40mins later) I checked again.. turned off my lights, turned them back on.. and it worked?

Just wondering if I should be concerned about this hapening again... or if it was just a one off thing, has anyone else had this problem?


i had the same prob but mine stayed off, took to renault they accused me of tampering and tried to charge 600 pound to change them!!!! i fucked them off, went to another garage and got it done under warrenty, think clocks only covered on a one year warrenty