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Immobiliser stuck on after fitting new gearbox help!

realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
Hi, as above I had a new gearbox fitted earlier this week and when the garage went to start it afterwards it turned over then stopped with the solid red immobiliser light still on.
I've suggested trying the following that I found when searching but it hasn't worked.
"Make sure battery is fully charged, unlock car, turn ignition on , leave for 30 seconds or so, ignition off and lock the car. Try it again"
Is there anything else obvious that I can suggest might have been missed when doing the job?


realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
Isn't there an earth strap by/on the gearbox? I'd be investigating that as a first port of call. Either not connected or it's old and shagged.

Yeah I mentioned to them this aft that I also saw a post suggesting the earth (should have put that in the post). I didn't mention it earlier to them because I didn't want to come across as telling them how to do their job lol.
I've no idea if there are any wires or anything in the area that could be disturbed/damaged or something though.


  BMW 320d- 172 cup
Fit a ew battery in the key first, or try starting it with the key fob button pressed in, maybe some wires have been disturbed, nothing doing a box should cause this issue though,


ClioSport Club Member

Never used one myself, but it might help
Only applicable for ph1s I believe. Either way I'd be very surprised if an incurable immobiliser fault appeared at the same time as a gearbox change.
Has to be wiring in that area IMO, I'd still bet an earth, but I'm an idiot on CS not a mechanic.

realnumber 1

ClioSport Club Member
They managed to get it going again yesterday aft. Said they refitted the earth strap after getting rid of some paint finish from the recon box and cleaned some corrosion from some of the big fusses by the passenger wing,
Nearly put my foot through the floor using the clutch. It's never felt so light lol.