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dCi video

  KW'd 2118'd dCi ???
dci 80 remap vs.dci 80 remap vs. dci 80 remap vs Golf tdi 130

Mine's the one behind the Golf :p

Hope you like

  KW'd 2118'd dCi ???
Nowdays and since 1998 with the first TDi, there were big improvements on diesel motors.. and since 2000/2001 when the first mappings and aftermarket parts appeared, some diesels began to make some shadow on the petrol's..

Nowdays, around here is very common to see those first TDI's, the Ibiza GT TDi with 250000km and more, pulling around 160, 170 hp

take a look here:

In my case, it's not a fast car but is as fast as an mk1 ph2 1.6 16v.. And still can make 5lts/100kms


  The Cleee-O
Bloody hell! I think I need to invest in that for mine then, mine's an 80 as well. What bhp is it running at now then just out of intrest?
  KW'd 2118'd dCi ???
by personal experience, these cars run better with minor mods.

decat with 50mm downpipe and remap should be enough.

Maybe an 50mm exhaust line should approve but never tried.. the original is 46mm.

know about dci´s with 60mm exhausts, BMC CDA's and becomes slower..
Even with a different turbo the original turbo pressure works better.
A mate got one rolling an Megane 105 turbo and is pulling 115hp.. feels quicker reving also. but had to make some adjustments in the actuator since originally the turbo has variable geometry.

Mine's not measured since one year ago and had some minor remap adjustment.. So i'm pointing between 105 and 110hp
  KW'd 2118'd dCi ???
very nice whats the mpg like now ?


Cant tell you in mpg but in lts/100km, in my case doing daily 30kms is highway/city, is around 4,8 lts/100km.

In open road rolling around 100 km/h already done 3,7 lts/100km

in highway at 140kmh, does 5 also
5 litres/100 km = 47.0 miles per gallon
4.8 litres/100 km = 49.0 miles per gallon
3.7 litres/100 km = 63.6 miles per gallon

Pretty impressive to be honest.
  KW'd 2118'd dCi ???
Stock you can add an extra liter in highway / city and 0,5 liters in open road.

No difference between 195/50R15 (current 2118´s) and 195/45R16 (Ultraleggera´s and 172)