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De-Cat... MOT

Its all down to emmisions, if your car is producing the correct amount of emmisions without a cat by fluke then your in luck. I know someone that claims to be able to set up cars without cats to pass the MOT but never spoken to anyone thats tried it.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

As long as the car passes the emissions test then you do not legally need a CAT, so youre fine...

Have heard of this happeniong before actually.


i have my MOT due soon (In fact it was due before christmas :oops:) im going to have it put in on pay day. I have a feeling too that i will fail the MOT due to emitions, ( i have magnex DCAT) which garage did you use? i may try and pull the same stunt ;) PM if you like so its not on show to the world. Dont wont to get them in trouble.

im in essex BTW


i have explained this over and over, yet no-one seems to believe me

you DO NOT require a cat to pass an MOT, as long as the emissions are below the legal boundaries there is no problem

I have a good one for you my mussiss mum owns a garage and she said from P plate and down to J you dont have to have a cat as long as it passes emissions but above that she said you should have so im hyaving mine done now and we shall see if it goes through or not

rob - you can believe what you want, your imagination is all that counts

at least thats what my psychiatrist told me

Tell me about it my MOT was late aswell !!

Its a garage in Crawley mate in the Manor Royal industrail estate..

Give it a go mate you get a 7-14 day re-test if it fails take it off youve got nothing to loose....