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Dealer Stamp ! Heeeeeeeeelp !

Right, had my car a month or so now and I need to send off the documents to Renault to get the warranty sorted. Where is the dealer stamp needed for the warranty located ? Is it in the Service manual that comes with the car ? Whereabouts ! I am being totally dense here !

It is a new car yes !

GR, to get the 3 year warranty they ask to send certain documents to them, I know of loads of people on here who have done it ?

Bad news im afriad.

If there is no dealer stamp to be found, then you dont have a real 172. it probably just a dealer in holland who stuck a renaultsport badge on a normal clio, normally with a souped-up 1.4 engine. It might be worth checking this out with twofast4u, as he has one of the pretend 172s i think.

Seems like there a plenty on fake 172s coming into the country, and none of them have had a dealer stamp in the logbook... probably so the dealer couldnt be traced.

Just kidding...

Saying that, ive just checked mine and cant find anything either. Maybe this is because it was an offical uk car. Will carry on looking to see if i can find it for you.



Face, do not do that man ! LOL !

If I knew where to look then I would know if it was missing but I dont even know that bit ! LOL !


I have a list of stuff that my local Renault dealer has asked me to send to Renault UK. One of them was a photocopy of the dealer stamp.

I dont have a dealer stamp either - just the chassis number on the back of the book. Renault dealer seemed to think that would be good enough. All Im waiting for now is my Reg document and Ill be sending everything off. If you want the list and the Renault UK address let me know and Ill email it.


im confused too,

what is this all about i thought it came with a 3 year warranty and that was it, no need to send off documents and stuff. dont make sense if the car comes from reno uk



  Shiny red R32

I am feeling left out here as no-one has asked me to send anything to Renault! Soon after I had my car, my dealer asked me to sign a form which was attached to my unlimited three year RAC warranty literature, but there was no mention of Renault or dealer stamps.

Presumably, if anything had to go to Renault, my dealer must have done it because I certainly havent been asked for anything and I have already had two warranty jobs done at my local Renault dealer with no questions asked, other than wanting to know the original registration number!
  Megane R26

You do not have to send any info to Renault, the dealers are now aware of the 3 year warranty, and they need to be shown.

1. The original bill/invoice to prove purchase after 17th Oct 2000

2.Copy/original of Service book showing vehicle details and official stamp. This is to confirm servicing up to date.

3. UK registration document.

4. Copy of utility bill confirming owner and UK address.

  Subaru Forrester

Is this the new 3 year warrenty for import 172s??

Mine is a Jan 2001, does this qualify?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

The warranty as RM172 said is only for IMPORTED 172 that originally had 2 years warranty on them. Reanult will out of the kindness of their heart top it upto three years so you get the same warranty as a UK car.

I didnt have a dealer stamp either but I sent my docs to renault who assured me not to worry about it as long as all the paper work tallyed up I would be fine.

I think the warranty started around October 2001 or something like that. I phoned renault to confirm this a while back so I might have the date wrong.

Apologies, I was talking about IMPORTS as I thought most people with MKIIs are imports now. Anyway, if I do not need to send anything off then that is great but I would still like to see where the stamp should be, a scanned photo would be perfect, anybody be able to do this ?


RM172 and ChavyBoy are right. If you have an import you do have to send these docs to Renault UK. I didnt have a dealer stamp in my book, so I just photocopied the rear cover, which has the Chassis Number on it.

I have just had the documents back from Renualt UK (approx. 4 days after sending them). They seem happy with the paperwork.

It looks like Ill get the 3 year / 60,000 warranty too.

WARNING: Quote - this is a "European Warranty" which does NOT include breakdown cover.

In summary, if you have an import car:

1. Send them the documentes described earlier in this thread
2. You should get a 3 year warranty in return
3. You do not get the 1 year RAC breakdown cover.

Everyone agree / disagree?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have just phoned them as I havent heard anything yet and they confirmed my details where on the system and I had the 3 years warranty, so I asked them to send the confirmation in writing to which they are doing.

If you have applied for it and not yet recieved anything back please contact them and pester them.

Renault Customer Service - 0800 0723372

Enjoy !

Right, I better send off my information to Renault then. I still do not have a dealer stamp but the importers said that if I send my service book to them then they would get it stamped. I do have a stamp on my COC form but there is not chassis number on the back of my service book.

What to do, what to do !?!

Good news that we get the 3 year warranty tho, very happy with that !
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Dont bother sending the book back, just photocopy the last page of the Service book (The one with the chassis number on) as I didnt have a stamp either and it still went through.

Right, I am going to ask a really stupid question but what the fook does the service book look like ? I am sure I do not have the chassis number on the last page !

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


If you open it up there are a few sections for French English German etc and some sample delear stamped service vouchers. Has about 40 pages or so and is white.

Sorry cant be more specific than that.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Sorry when I said the chassis number on the back page I ment on the back cover of the book in the form of a sticker.

Yep, I got that book then, dont believe I have the chassis number on the back in the form of a sticker tho. I have it on my invoice for the car from the dealer in Holland.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Copy that instead then and send it off.
I dont think they are to hot on it as long as you have the dealer invoice, chassis number etc.
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Sent my documents off two days ago. Found a stamp in my service book but it was on the last page of the GB section not in the Service A or B section.?!?. Didnt send a copy of the back page (mine has the Chassis number on it), sent everything else they wanted so will wait a few more days before badgering them.
  Megane R26

Slightly off topic, If you have the servicing done by a Renault dealer, they will give you a free intermediate service 6000 miles after the paid for service. This is mostly visual inspection but they also top up all fluids. This is in the service book, and they will stamp it as a service.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

BTW what is it 6 month / 6000 miles for the freeby or 12 month / 6000 miles as my car has only done 2300 miles in near 5 months ????
  Megane R26

You are entitled to a free safety check
at 6000 miles or 6 months.
You get:
top up engine oil
top up washer fluid
check coolant level
check brake fluid level
check power steering fluid level
check condition of windscreen
check the condition of rear-view mirrors
check the wiper blades
check the indicator lights
check condition and pressure of tyres
computer fault finding

The subsequent free checks are as above with the addition of:
check brake pads
Visual inspection of shock absorbers

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Is this a HAVE TO GET IT DONE otherwise you dont get the warranty cover cause Id rather not let the monkeys near my car for a free joyride


You also get:
Renault monkey revving the nads off your new car
Soiled upholstery
Bad service

Sorry! Couldnt resist!...

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Right Id better book it in if not for the first part but defo the second part.

BTW when you say soiled upholstery ya dont mean ......

My mistake, went home last night and checked and the chassis number is on a sticker on the back page of my service booklet.

With regards to all the other information that needs to be sent off, did you just take photocopies and send them off as I imagine you would not send the originals ?
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Sent original bill of sale, copies of everything else. Specified in letter that I wanted it back with a confirmation letter of my three year warranty, still waiting for their reply.

I did the same as greeper. Bill of Sale has been returned, along with handwritten note telling me that they will be in touch soon re: the 3 year warranty

6 month service for new Clios has been scrapped according to my local Renault dealer, apparently if you want it you can have it done but it doesnt invalidate your warranty if u aint got it.

  Megane R26

You dont have to have these 6 month services, they are just freebies, for getting your car serviced at a main dealer. They will stamp your service book in the free service section, but they do not have any bearing on your warranty.