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Deano.no4 A19 Moor Farm

  slow 172 rep
seen ur dirty cup :eek: cleaned mine on monday was fun playing with my new snow foam stuff :approve:

the lights must be broken or something today they never stop me normaly :p
  AB 182
When it's not sub zero I think i'll clean it ;)

I was thinking about stopping but I fully committed myself haha :race:
  slow 172 rep
it wasnt on monday it was like 7 :) then like -2 on tuesday

so had to get a picute before work

yea i could hear your car didnt think there was a chance of you stopping like
  AB 182
Awesome beading going on there :p whats on it?

O did the Milltek sound good? :approve: Thinking of a decat but dont fancy the deafness lol
  slow 172 rep
:p didnt think it was standard but it sounded lush, i want a new sportier 1 that i can actually hear :cool:

erm i duno its in the car :p first wax i gave my car and i left it on to long :p so i did it wrong so hard to get off damn thing