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Decat pipe, lambda 'socket' or not??

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Hi, I did search but found nothing. I'm looking at getting a decat pipe made and the place has asked whether I want a 'socket' for the lambda sensor to plug in on it or not. He seems to think it could keep the eml off with one in, but said just as easily they could leave the lambda plugged into the cat when removed.
Does anyone know which is best or if either would matter? Obviously the one without works out cheaper.
If it literally is just a hole for the lambda to screw into, then the EML will come on, as emission readings will be different with a decat.
You could just get one without, but leave the lambda plugged in, but tie it up out the way somewhere.
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If the lambda is sleeved off or even just cable tied up out the way then the eml light will never come on as it will be reading clean air. If you want a de-cat and no light on ever then get a gmc lambda sleeve and screw it on your lambda and secure it to the brake lines or something, this way you can have a de-cat without the need for a lambda hole and never get a eml light up on your dash.
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No point having the lambda boss, will just mean you need something to plug it with, as if you put the lamda sensor in there it will put the mangement light on.