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Declaring an SP30

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Right before you say, this wasn't me it was my mum but I have her on my insurance

The date was Jan 08 and 3 points were issued but no fine.

Without my mum on the insurance it makes a difference of £300 but with the sp30 it is another £100.
So it's still cheaper but it could be cheaper.

Now my understanding is that you don't have to declare it after 3 years however insurance quote sites word it saying "Have you received any points in the last five years".

Do you actually have to say yes or not? Surely it won't show on the license anymore


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Surely if the Insurance company are asking in the last 5 years then that's what you tell them?!
Just tell insurance yer maw never disclosed it to you.

Everytime I see a post by you I get this in my head: simonnnnnnroyaleeeeeeeeeeeee allllllllllllllll nighttttttttttttttttttttt. FML
I had the same prob, just send a clean copy of your licence to them when you renew and don't give them permission to check with the dvla ( as long as they have a copy of licence there won't be a prob! )
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If you don't declare it and have a crash, they could use it for a reason not to pay out.

Paying an additional £100 vs no payout/having to pay other parties damage, I would pick the 1st option personally.
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points stay on your licence for 3 years
but on your insurance record for 5 years

so you do have to declare them, unless you find and insurance company that only asks for 3 years!


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I thought SP30s (amongst other endorsements) stayed on your licence for 4 years?

Speed limits

Offence codes SP10 to SP50 must stay on a driving licence for four years from date of offence.

It was my understanding that the three year rule only applies for "totting up" purposes, i.e. if you get enough points for a ban.

Edit: I'm not 100%, this is just what I've been lead to believe. I got an SP30 in August 2007, and my insurance renewal is next month. So far all insurers have asked for points accrued in the last five years :(

Edit #2: Interesting read, not sure if it applies though...
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It's just the way they word it, along with the "have you had any accidents in the last 5 years?" doesn't say have you claimed or gone through insurance its just in general.

Sick of insurance companies to be honest, money milking w***ers.

£55 to change my policy due to the admin fee but to cancel my policy I would get £850 back and then take out a new policy with everything declared (mods, new job, + commuting, and fully comp instead of tpft) is £950 :L and that is £100 cheaper than i paid in the first place.


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Agreed. I'm not looking forward to my renewal time, even if I have just turned 25 :(
Have you or the person you are adding to the policy received any points/fines in the last five years.

Simple question. Yes or no.

Your mum has, so you answer yes. You then fill in the details of when, what for, how much and how many points. The insurance then calculates your premium, you pay it (after you've shopped around) and you drive around with insurance like the rest of the (decent) general public.

End thread, Locodile, in before the lock etc.
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