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Dell Laptop Inspiron 6400

  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
The laptop is about 1 1/2 years old, used by my sister to do Uni work facebook itunes etc,

Now last week it took her a while to load up as it kept loading on the Welcome Screen (vista)
but in time it did go to the homescreen,

Now today it just stay on the welcome screen for well over a hour and in the end we swtich it off..

Tried going into Safe mode and it does that fine no problems. but i cant click on nothing, start menu wont pop up etc.

any suggestions what it could be?
  Astra 1.9Cdti SRi
dont think we still have the cd's tbh dan,

i dont really give a fack tbh if its broken or not, because she wont be onit every night facebook crap ffs,
does it have an Fx shortcut key on the bios startup screen or similar to start the recovery process?