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Dephaser issue or something else entirely?

  Ph1 172.
My car has a constant whirring noise coming from under the bonnet, the noise appears to come from the front/middle of the engine on the drivers side, but it may be the noise carrying. The noise is constant through all gears and at all speeds (although it is much harder to hear about about 4000rpm) The faster the engine is running the higher pitch and louder the whurring is. The cambelt is being replaced in 4 weeks time (another story entirely) I will get a video if it is any help. If it is something other than the cambelt i'd like to get it done in the same service!
  Ph1 172.
Oh dear, not good. Doesn't sound like it's getting any better either, worse if anything. Had it serviced the other week and thats when i was told it needed a new belt...

Loading up some videos from tonight hopefully i'll get some more suggestions.
  Ph1 172.
Cheers guys, unfortunately I haven't got a choice but to drive it. It's my only way of getting to and from work each day. :(

I'll see if i can get the date for the belt change moved forward. The current belt is on 27000 miles and is 3 years old, however it has been rubbing for a large part of that.
Here's why..

Any idea how much a dephaser pulley costs to replace? Also

Lemonnobby from what i have read since posting this it sounds a lot like it could be the aux belt, tensioner or idler. I'll look to get these replaced at the same time. It's going to be an expensive jobby...