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  clio 182 sport
How much will it cost in total for new dephaser to be fitted to Clio 182 with cup pack fitted .anywhere in the northeast that can do it at a reasonable price .was hoping was a warrenty job but ain't bit peed of as had car a couple of months .
  Clio 182
Hi mate

when I got my 182 for 1k the dephaser was loud on tick over so I was advised that while doing that part (145 off e bay genuine renault) do the cambelt kit , aux belt ,water pump and core plugs. Also had plugs oil and filter done at Renault specialists in Kendal Cumbria at a cost of £625 all in which I thought was good.

Car is like a dream now, 182 for £1700 with all belts dephaser etc all done....

  titanium 182
Ive just had my cambelt kit, aux kit and de-phaser pulley done on my 182 with air con at mendal motors in thornaby, there a renault specalist and highly reccomended, it cost me £663 all in for all that work with labour/vat etc so it will be cheaper for you if yours is a cup model with no air con.