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Detailing on a budget - It Can be Done!

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Now I know this thread might upset a few of you, but always worth discussion.

Over the years, I have built up quite a large amount of detailing and cleaning products, and would hate to add up the cost of it all.
However, there is not always a requirement to use such high end products, especially when cleaning a £300 run around, or a works van.
Even more to the point, a new driver who may not have enough money to spend on high end products, but this is not to say that their cars don't deserve all the treatments or are not worth looking after.

As i'm sure you are all aware, when you enter the budget range of products there are some god awful ones, some that do nothing, and even some that can do more harm than good, but this is not to say they are all bad. Some of the products I have tested have turned out to be pretty impressive.

Fist one was Muc-Off Ubershine from screwfix £1.99
Great shampoo for the price, pH neutral and foams up great.

Recently tested a few of the Simoniz range from Wilkinsons*&pdxtbrand=Simoniz

Simoniz Max Wax Polish £2.49
Works surprisingly well, especially for the price. Easy to use (process as srp type polishes) Gives a good shine and nice smooth surface. However, does not produce great beading, so best to follow up with a different wax.

Turtle Wax Original Hard Shell Shine Wax £6.99
Not the cheapest wax you can get, but actually works. When used on top of the Simoniz polish, produces great beading, not far behind C2V3 (believe it or not)

Simoniz Wax Quick Shine (quick detailer) £2.49
Perfect for quick wipe downs between proper cleans. Great shine, and again well worth it for the price.

Wonder Wheels £3.99 from Morrisons
I'm sure this needs no introduction, its cheap, and works very well.

Also Wilkinsons do a microfibre wash mitt for £2.49, a large drying towel for £2.99 and polish/wax applicator pads for 75p for 2.

Now I can understand if you wouldn't use these products for your pride and joy show car, but for the run around, the works van, or the budgeter, there are plenty of products that produce great results for next to nothing. Some I would even say give higher end products a run for their money.

Shoot me down, or share your budget buys, its your choice!
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As much as I admire the attention to detail, the time that many owners dedicate and of course the end result, unfortunetely I cant justify the cost involved.
A nice clean car is more than enough for me.
I will try them
Very good write up.
Thank you very much
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So glad ive only my car to look after. Used to hate worrying about how many cars i could do with a product and Id hate to have to justify spending money on car products; poor or not.

My car gets whatevers needed.

Budget for me when cleaning about 6 BMW fleet cars (Some 'M' cars) was:

Shampoo Plus
Megs 135 Detailing Spray (would probs be sonax BSD nower days)
Megs Tyre s**t
3M Glass Cleaner

No idea on cost as I only buy set products these days and are all fairly costly.