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Did they make a Ph1 172 in Monaco?

  Clio 1.2 Mk2 Ph1
Did they ever make a ph1 172 in monaco blue? I want some front wings and just wondered if I looking for monaco was pointless? Its looking more and more likely im going to have to get some sprayed :(
Nope. Odyssey is as close as you'll get as far as I'm aware.

EDIT: Well I didn't know that! Thank you Mr Revels!

Haha, lol at the cheeky second edit :rasp:
  Clio 1.2 Mk2 Ph1
bugger, ive got some ph2 skirts and they wont fit perfect unless i can get some 172 front wings! Anyone seen any about? :D
  Mk2 Ph1 172 Replica
yeah, odyssey is has close as you get to the monaco

i have a Monaco phase 1 myself and was looking for some parts as well,
but couldn't find any...


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
If you open the drivers door, it will be on a little grey/white sticker.