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Diesel Clio Rev Limit

  Clio Dci 86

I have no red line in my 1.5dci what should I rev it too?...its only 60bhp so I dont want to hurt it, just thought it strange there was limit mark?
  CTR EK9 turbo

If its a diesel, itl have a governor - probably around 5500rpm? i dont know with modern diesels, but with my bros old 405 diesel it used to rev to 5500 and stop there. Also when they MOT test diesels, they floor the accelerator to test the governor, so it cant hurt it. I used to drive around at work in a 205 diesel on the governor for ages, it was its cruise control, but pedestrians didnt like it! that 205 has done over 160,000 miles and its still going! despite my best efforts to destroy it...
  Ford Fiesta

my dynamique doesnt have a "RED" lne either. the dashes on the rev counter get fatter thats instead of red line
  silver valver/hybrid

at my old work place we had a couple of mondeo tds always floored them up to 5500 and never took my foot off the accellerator intill i had to stop! never seemed to do them any harm even with 175,000 miles on the clock.

AS400: I have the same car as you, and am never sure what to rev it to either.. only ever took it to about 4500rpm, not sure how much further it would go to be honest.
  Range Rover, GTC, LP640

hiya matey, u wanna drive it as the same as ud drive any other car and when u feel it lacking the pulling power go 4 another gear mate, ive driven a 80 dci and it was wicked its the only thing u can do mate, just guess and change, think it was about 4.500 rpm ??